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Ask the Doctor

Dear Dr. Dolly, What foods does Calvin like? — Jiyeon

The short answer is, he likes what I feed him.  This baby doesn’t have options, and even as a potentially fussy toddler, he’ll have 2 choices: eat, or don’t eat.

He’s actually a very good eater.  Sometimes flavors surprise him.  He’ll give me that initial wince which seems to say “WHAT did you just put in my mouth?”.  Usually, he’ll give it a couple bites and then happily accept the rest.  The rare occasions when he doesn’t like to eat typically means he’s not feeling well.  I can count on one hand those times and there was a direct correlation to croup or teething.

My son has tried a variety of fruits and veggies, and I hope to increase his palate over time.  But, I stick to the staples because they’re plentiful and in season, inexpensive, and laden with great vitamins and minerals for his developing little body.

Calvin’s faves are bananas, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, butternut squash, peaches, plums, and Korean style Jangjorin brisket with nori and basmati rice.  When he was younger, his only food (aside from breastmilk) was watered down avocados.  Since those are kinda pricey right now, we’ve moved on to other healthy options.  He’s also tried and loved mangoes,  kiwi fruit, and hormone-free chicken.  He also loves plain whole milk yogurt, if mixed with fresh fruit.  I also sometimes mix it in with sweet potatoes and ground liver from free range cows.

Recently, I was introduced to an Asian-style bone marrow soup.  It’s served with rice and red bean and diced green onions.  It’s creamy and delicious, and it’s awesome for babies or post-surgery patients who are trying to heal and recover.  I don’t know if my mom fed this to me when I was a baby, but it is a very common first baby food in Asia.

I’m looking forward to introducing Calvin’s tastes to acorn squash, pumpkin, and other late fall and winter produce varieties.


One Response

  1. Your comment about eat or not eat made me laugh. Inevitably your toddler will decide he doesn’t like something. Josh is not a very picky eater, loves fruits and veg, but currently does not like cheese. It all started with a tour we took of a cheese factory in Bavaria. The tour was interesting, but the place stunk of cheese, it was overwhelming and the cheese which is wonderful outside the factory tasted bad, and for the rest of the trip it was labeled “stinky cheese.” Josh sampled the cheese at the factory and since then has refused to eat anything that has cheese b/c “its stinky.” The big thing to remember with toddlers is to just be persistent sometimes they have to try something 6-12 times before they actually like it. Something that works for us to is that Josh also eats what we eat for dinner, no special kid meals, except when we have wine he gets sparkling water w/a splash of berry juice.

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