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Ditch the Diaper Bag

There are times when I’m not lugging around a diaper bag, and I prefer a lightweight and comfortable option for toting necessities.

I’m especially elated when that option happens to be GORGEOUS and sustainable for the ecosystem while also supporting Fair Trade.

Exotic beauty melds with practical comfort in Saraye’s original hand-woven tatami purses from Cambodia which is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Baskets of Cambodia.

I’m not usually one to get too excited about purses.  I don’t own many because I prefer classic styles in neutral colors that can match almost any outfit and last the test of time in terms of style and durability.

My first glimpse of the rainbow of Saraye Tatami Purses was at a specialty shop in Charlottesville along the Downtown Mall.  That was probably the first time I walked by a display of purses, paused, and back-peddled to get a closer look because I was so charmed by their striking appearance and incorporation of Asian style details.

I couldn’t wait to receive my hand-woven black striated Curved Dabby Tatami Purse in the mail.  I actually squealed with delight when I unwrapped it, then I showed it off to my husband.  This lovely piece incorporates subtle Asian touches such as the large butterfly style button which serves as a closure in addition to a zippered top.   Privacy pockets fit for a cell phone or wallet, and the interior compartment’s spaciousness leaves room for just about everything a medium size purse can handle.  For $44.90, it’s not going to break the bank, but it’ll still help sustain Cambodian women working to rebuild their lives in their war-ravished country.

What do I love best about this adorable purse?  The ergonomic curved feature that allows it to curve to my body when worn on my shoulder.  It doesn’t feel like it gets in my way, and if I’m going to carry a purse, it better be comfortable!

Numerous color options are available, such as burleywood brown, crimson, natural, and fresh mint (among others).  I also adore the numerous style options such as the first tatami-style backpack, the Fashion Pack.  If you really needed a stylish backpack option that could double as a minimal diaper bag in a pinch, the Fashion Pack could pull it off, especially since it’s only $26.90.

For the minimalist who wants to stowe keys, cash, and lip balm,–check out the petite and sweet Kim Ang available for $26.90

Want a purse that stands up when you set it down so the contents don’t spill out (because you really hate having to deal with a zipper), then the Sophon is definitely for you with a durable drawstring feature and sturdy bottom.  It’s got ergonomic features for your hip and an adjustable shoulder strap.  It’s also a practical buy at $26.90.

On my wishlist for a briefcase adaptation of East meets West is the striking and functional Susulah Business tote which can tote a small laptop. and a few books.  Bloggers, how bout taking a Susulah to the next BlogHer?  For $39.90, you can be stylin’ and bloggin’ on the road.

Check out all the styles and color options and order online from Saraye.

Traveling with Baby has partnered with Saraye to offer FREE SHIPPING! Save $5.95 by using code 00500 at checkout.

GLAD: Gorgeous, svelte, body-hugging comfortable design which supports war-torn Cambodia AND the ecosystem.  What’s not to love?

SAD: No complaints about the purse, but I wish the website featured more details about the various materials used highlighting the GREENness, and it would be helpful to feature the dimensions of each purse.


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  1. Oh wow I love those!!

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