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Bring Your Baby to Work Day – Everyday!

Hello Traveling With Baby readers! I’m honored to be a guest author for my wonderful friend and colleague Dr. Dolly Garnecki! I will be sharing my thoughts and experience, about bringing baby Jack to work!

I love bringing my baby to work! My husband and I are chiropractors who recently opened our own office in New Albany, Ohio called Ohio Family & Sports Chiropractic. I feel very privileged that I have the luxury of bringing Jack, 7 months, to work with me everyday. I think it must be tremendously difficult for most working moms who must part with their baby every single day when they go back to work. Not only do those moms miss their baby terribly, but must juggle pumping (if they are nursing) between work and meetings.

So how do we manage having our 7 month old in the office? Currently our office is new and in the growing phase. We are not extremely busy yet so my husband, Dr. Greg, and I, Dr. Heather, take turns with shifts. Our office is open Monday, Wednesdays, Friday, and occasionally Saturday mornings, and daily in the afternoon. We split up the shifts with me working 3-4 shifts (occasionally Saturday mornings) and Dr. Greg covers 5 shifts. When I’m with patients my husband is watching Jack and vice versa. The only exception is Tuesday and Thursday afternoons we have a sitter come to the office and watch Jack so I can work on marketing and paperwork while Dr. Greg is with patients.

I really love that Jack is not with a babysitter everyday, and during the two 4-hour shifts that he does have a sitter, I can still feed him and peek in on him regularly! We have a little play area for Jack in the office. It’s about 5 feet x 5 feet. We have a baby play mat, swing, books and toys for him. There is also a spare room in the office, which was intended for a massage therapist or acupuncturist but it is not in use now so we may turn into a room for Jack if he outgrows his current set-up.

There are so many advantages to having Jack in the office with us… where do I start? I am so happy that I never feel like I miss him or that I’m missing out on Jack growing up. I can see his smiling face in between working with patients. I absolutely love that I can nurse him at work. I don’t have to worry about making time to pump. I simply take a look at the schedule before my shift starts and look for any gaps where I can slip in a feeding. I have a nice nursing cover that also allows me to feed Jack while manning the front desk, if necessary.

Patients love seeing Jack in the office. They love making faces at him and commenting on how much bigger he looks from week to week. On the few days that Jack and I occasionally sleep in during Daddy’s morning shift, the patients are always asking him “where’s Jack?”. We not only bring Jack to work, we bring him almost everywhere we go. We know he enjoys being with us more than anyone else so we don’t hesitate taking him to marketing events, spinal screenings, and out in the city to meet other local businesses. Some people may look at it as “dragging him around,” but we don’t! He’s spending time with Mom and Dad instead of a babysitter and we love every minute we get with him, especially while he’s so young!

I think as a result of us bring Jack with us to the office, and out marketing our practice at a young age, he is very comfortable around other people. He won’t hesitate to “ham it up” smile and giggle at strangers, and people love it! We are also very glad that when he is with the babysitter he is content and happy. We have not had any problems with separation anxiety with Jack and I think that’s why. I hope I have helped anyone who is thinking about bringing their baby to work. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! I will update you in the future about how things change as Jack becomes mobile (which could be any day)!

Dr. Heather


3 Responses

  1. I didn’t have the luxury of my own business when my son was a baby, but I took on jobs that allowed me to be with him, no matter what. I’m not sure what that says about me, I guess I wasn’t satisfied in my career anyway, but to me, there was no other option than to be a full time mom. My son is 3 now, and I never had to leave him somewhere or with someone while I went to work! Now I work from home. I just launched my website, actually. I would appreciate any feedback…critiques, advice, etc. http://www.safekiddo.com. I would be grateful to hear from as many moms as possible!!

  2. This is a great article and a great post – definitely very helpful to women who are seeking information and share the same sentiments. It is definitely a plus to bring our babies at work!

    Anyways, I would also like to suggest this site: Olga’s Relief. You might find some valuable information regarding Woman’s Health and Issues here. Cheers!

  3. I’m a chiropractic patient of Drs. Greg and Heather. I always look around for Jack when I arrive. His smile is the delight of my day. I’ve heard other patients talking about something new Jack has done between our visits!
    I wish I had spent more time with my two wonderful grown boys when they were small. I thought work would provide ‘things’ they needed, but a mother’s touch can never be replaced.

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