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Surgery, Stings, and Property Zings.

I’ve been absent from the blogworld over the past week since life has been keeping me busy and away from the computer.  Last week, a family member was in town for surgery.  Calvin (and all babies, really) is better than chicken soup when it comes to healing and lifting spirits.

Calvin also attended his first Mainly Music class.  I loved that he got an opportunity to interact with other kiddos at church, and I got a chance to meet other moms!  Oh, and of course we also had fun singing and dancing to songs.

We also spent last week closing in on office space for my chiropractic practice which I hoped to open in early October.  I found out on Saturday that the prospective landlord may have decided (VERY LAST MINUTE) to instead go with another tenant.  So, today I find myself back to the drawing board and trying to view properties while keeping Calvin happy.  It’s not easy.  We had to RTB (return to base) early because it was afternoon nap time.  Do NOT impede upon the sacred nap! Especially since he’s teething (again) and wouldn’t nap longer than 30 minute intervals from Thursday through Saturday.

Oh, and I’m looking for Phel’s Napthat Soap which apparently helps pull out the poison from insect bites and stings and poison ivy.  On Saturday, a yellow jacket flew up my shorts and stung me on my inner thigh.  I had to pull the sucker off with my fingers or he’d keep stinging me.  I gimped back to the house from where I’d been stung about 50 feet away.  By then, the sharp pain wore off.  But, here we are, 2 days later, and the bite has caused a silver dollar-sized red circle on my leg that itches and burns and keeps me up at night.  I need to rid myself of the yellow jacket’s poisonous stinging venom/neurotoxin/you name it.  It hurts and it sucks.

OK, so that’s why I’ve been to busy to blog.  Yellow jackets, surgery, starting a practice—keeps one a little busy.


3 Responses

  1. Ouch! Try a paste made with baking soda or meat tenderizer. 🙂

  2. Dolly, it’s Fels Naptha Soap, and you can purchase it at your local Ace Hardware store, amongst other places!

  3. Let mom know and she can bring some down with her in Oct!

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