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Tuesday Tune-Up

I need an attitude tune up.  When my colleagues mentioned that starting a practice is an emotional roller coaster frought with ups and downs, I “knew” they were right.  But now, I’m “experiencing” their rightness. . . and it totally feels like wrongness.

Yesterday, after every nap and meal, Calvin was strapped in his carseat while I drove around Charlottesville looking at office space for lease or sublease.  In the evening, we even brought his dinner along with us because we knew we’d be out late.  Calvin’s a trooper, and I appreciate his ability to just roll with it, although I know he was pretty much hating his car seat yesterday.  Steve made a point to frolick with him before bedtime so he could burn off some energy.

Today, I’m trying to do most of the office space searching online and via the phone so I can just do one trip to look at spaces later this afternoon.  Calvin’s had fun cruising around the apartment and terrorizing Steve’s books.  I’m trying to be consistent with telling him “No.  Don’t touch Daddy’s books.  Play with YOUR books.”  But, this kid just has an affinity for books that’s worse than my craving for chocolate.  Before his afternoon nap, we sat together and read several of his favorite board books filled with bright pictures.  He loved that and went down for a nap without a single protest.  It is a high priority to make it to the library today to bring home a bunch of books for my little bookworm (literally–he will gnaw and tear as much as he enjoys looking at the pages).

So, I hate letting my circumstances dictate my mood, but I can’t deny that I was so excited to finally find an office space that would work.  We were moving forward on build-out, and other quotes.  ALL of that went away *POOF* with one lousy phone message:

I’m so sorry.  I have bad news.  The landlord chose, at the last minute, to go with another tenant because the terms are more favorable for the landlord.  But, I’d be happy to show you space elsewhere!

This week, I’m back to looking at space.  And, as lovely as it would be to find something that works, I’m going to be realistic, it may take several more weeks.  I would love to open my practice THIS YEAR, but again, I need to take a deep breath.  Relax.  And trust in God’s perfect timing for a location and a practice opening.

The upside: we can meet our budget now and pay the bills.  I’m spending gobs of time with Calvin (even though much of it may be in the car).  I have time to keep the apartment clean.  I have time to visit a family member who had major surgery.  Sometimes, I have time to blog.

I just need to put things in perspective.  There is no RUSH here.  Although I am eager to get back to patient care and chiropractic…1 week or even 1 month delay is NOT that big of a deal.


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