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To Bake a Cake

This Friday will be the 3rd week that Calvin and I participate in the Mainly Music class at our church.  To provide a brief background, this class is for parents or caretakers and their little ones ages 0 to 5 years.  We spend the first 30 minutes singing and moving to songs — typical nursery rhyme songs — then the children eat snacks (usually refined grains and inflammatory things that I wouldn’t call “food’).  Finally, big basins full of toys are opened and strewn about on the gymnasium floor, and the kids have at it while the adults get their coffee fix and eat baked goods.

Aside from the non nutritious and processed kids’ snacks, I’m all for it.  It gives us a chance to get out of the apartment and to play together with music.  Calvin loves watching other little people, and he definitely enjoys the music.  I like visiting with other moms and seeing all the cute kids.  You can tell I’m a new mom because I watch Calvin like a hawk across the room.  I must have my eye on him at all times.  Other moms with multiple kids just relax and chill.  The few moments I didn’t watch Calvin, and I resorted to just relax was when he dipped out of site.  When he came into view, I saw him stuffing crumbs into his mouth (he had found remnants of goldfish crackers.  I was mortified.  I couldn’t let my little dear ingest THAT junk.  I ran to him, swept him up in my arms and tried to sweep out his mouth.  Too late, he’d already ingested the goldfish, and there was no return.

Defeated, I set Calvin loose to romp around with more toys…of course he had to taste each and every single one.  I returned to the adult snack table to fill up my water glass, and when I turned around again to lock in on Calvin’s location, a toddler much bigger than him had bounded up to him and began hugging him — then they toppled over — then big toddler was lying on top of Calvin and apparently wrestling him.  So, I ran over to make sure Calvin didn’t get completely smooshed.  The toddler’s mother came over and apologized.  She said her son loves babies (yes, it was a very cute hug), but that he could be a little too enthusiastic when showing affection.  I just didn’t want Calvin to collapse under the weight of a much bigger boy.  But, I guess he’s a tough kid.

This week, I’m on the hook for bringing a baked item to the adult snack table.  I’m not really one to bake items because almost all baked items are made with stuff that will eventually kill you.  But, I used to bake and decorate specialty cakes and cheesecakes . . . long before I went to chiropractic college and got educated on how most foods in the typical American diet were leading to a slow, painful, and early death.  So, I figured there had to be some healthy baking options.

Next, I busted out my Nourishing Traditions cookbook, and I found a few baking recipes that I wanted to try.  I wrote up my grocery list and figured it would be a done deal.  Then, my husband got a hold of the list.  He read off each item and estimated the price for each thing listed.  Then, he asked me if I really needed every item on that list.  I justified the expenses by stating that I could use some of the spices and other items next month when baking Calvin’s first birthday cake.  Then, my husband reiterated that we’re on a shoestring budget and we couldn’t afford all those things.  So, I complained that if we don’t have money this month for me to create a baked item, then we surely won’t have any next month for our son’s first birthday–so we could just FORGET about having a birthday cake.  That type of emotional and mathematical logic made sense to me, but I don’t know why it didn’t make sense to my husband.

So, I went to the grocery store today in search of items for my healthy gingerbread option, and instead, I found a premade gingerbread cake mix with whole wheat flour (still inflammatory, but not as awful as white flour) which was all-inclusive.  Winner!  All I needed to add was oil and eggs.  It was simple and inexpensive in comparison to making the entire cake from scratch, and it required fewer ingredients.  Done.  Told the husband what I had opted to do — no objections.

Now, hopefully I can still make that homemade healthy and delicious carrot cake for Calvin’s birthday next month.


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