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Drool, Teeth, and Sleepless Nights

Calvin’s teething again.  The signs are all there.  He constantly chews on one or two fingers, and he drools like a faucet.  In 5 minutes time, he’ll have saliva covering the front of a newly changed onesie.  And, he has that discernible diaper rash on his bum that he only gets when he’s got teeth coming in.  For his sake, I hope he gets several teeth at once.  Just get ’em out of the way!

One of the unfortunate drawbacks with teething is the decreased immune system function.  I don’t know if it’s due to the decreased calcium and magnesium in a baby’s body while teeth are erupting or if it’s something else entirely.  But, the last time he was teething like this at 8 months, he got a cold wiht a croupy cough.  Sure enough, he fell victim to a cold this time and woke with a croupy cough early Monday morning.

I’ve been giving him homeopathic herbs suitable for his age, and I check his spine for subluxations.  But, I think the biggest impact is the fact that we live in a super humid home…which really helps reduce the dry throat and loud barking cough.  I only hear a croupy cough once of the numerous times he wakes at night…as opposed to all night long.

He doesn’t seem too bothered by it, but he’s definitely more thirsty at night to soothe his irritated throat.  Poor baby!  I’m hurting on sleep from tending to him for the past two nights.  As I write this, I am STILL in my pajamas.

I pray my little guy recovers soon from the croupy cold and teething blitz . . . we both need some rest, and I really want to bring him to his Mainly Music class this Friday.  But, if he’s still symptomatic, it’s better that we stay home.


2 Responses

  1. I am so glad I read this post! I noticed Will got a cold when he cut his last teeth, and he got one last week (the week after he started cutting his incisors.) I didn’t realize immune function went down. I’ve got a cold now, too, and am having trouble because I’m taking benadryl but I can tell it’s taking longer for my milk to come in. HEADACHES. I’m seeing the dr today because my ears feel really strange and I’m dizzy…

    I really hope your little pumpkin is feeling well. He is an absolute doll in these pics and I only regret that he and Will aren’t closer, to drool on one another!

  2. Bella just got her first cold yesterday at 3 months. Her dad, Phil, had one this past weekend. She is taking a glycerin based chinese herbal supplement and I hope it clears up soon. She is waking every 2-3 hrs. again to feed at night again. I figure she needs the extra energy to fight it as well.

    This is the first time she has been sick, and it is trying as a new mom to only be able to do so much. She is subluxation free, and not teething yet….I hope. I am just hoping I don’t get it as well.

    I hope Calvin feels better soon.


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