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A Contest of Wild Sorts


Congratulations to the Winner! sharon martinez, on September 20th, 2008 at 5:51 pm Said:

“strong wind, torrential rain
Hurricane in the Gulf
Fall in florida

Thank you for the contest”


You asked for it, and now, you can get it.  Your very own copy of Where the Wild Things Are…And 5 More Stories by Maurice Sendak DVD from Scholastic Storybook Treasures™.

The book comes to life in the animated adaptation of the storybook classic.  In a room full of kiddos ages <1 to 13 years, the older ones found it entertaining.  The subtitles highlight as the story is read to encourage read-along fun.

The 5 other film shorts were not as detailed in artistic quality–in fact the technology was decades older than the title piece.  But, they’re entertaining enough for younger kids who aren’t yet jaded by the animated special effects available in most of of today’s films.  There are songs performed by diva Carole King which sound dated compared to today’s music, but it IS music and it IS singing which kids love.

Personally, I could give or take the 5 extra features, but the title feature is worthwhile.  Major craft bonus is that the DVD comes with incredibly detailed stickers inspired by illustrations from Where the Wild Things Are…And 5 More Stories by Maurice Sendak.

You can purchase your own copy of Where the Wild Things Are…And 5 More Stories by Maurice Sendak DVD online . . . OR you can try to win your very own copy here on TWB by leaving a comment in haiku format about what you love most about autumn.  You must keep to true haiku syllabic form in order to be eligible.

Only one comment per person.  Multiple entries will be deleted.  The contest for Where the Wild Things Are DVD ends at 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, September 26th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 27th.

The winner for each prize and 2 alternates will be selected on Random.org and announced on this post. If you provide your e-mail address, I will contact you. The winner has 72 hours to claim the prize, otherwise, the prize goes to the first alternate to contact me with a shipping address.

35 Responses

  1. the first cool day’s breeze
    football, sweaters, and warm socks
    slowing down, deep breaths

  2. big leaves green and red
    are all falling on the ground
    “grab them all” I said

  3. Apple cider warms,
    Wood fire smoke scent is sweet,
    swirling leaves blow ’round

  4. If superman had a weakness
    my weakness would be writing hakuis
    maybe a monster would at least distract

  5. School days, cool nights, and
    Sunday afternoon football.
    Who doesn’t love fall?

  6. The smell of apples
    cinnamon and burning wood
    soups, stews and chilis!

  7. Autumn air so crisp
    Pumpkins, apples and black cats
    Leaves have turned to gold


  8. Autumn leaves crunching
    a single leaf falls, crimson
    the air smells of fall

  9. Football and junk food
    Red leaves blowing down the street
    Crisp chill in the air

    Fun contest, thanks!


  10. shorter days, cold nights
    burning leaves, summer is gone
    time to hibernate

  11. cool crisp autumn air
    sweaters to hide any flaws
    who wouldnt love fall

    ha! haven’t tried that in awhile!

  12. strong wind, torrential rain
    Hurricane in the Gulf
    Fall in florida

    Thank you for the contest

  13. apple cider mill
    red shiny orbs crushed for drink
    with warm spice doughnuts

  14. orange pumpkins sit
    becoming jack-o-lanterns
    shining very bright

  15. red, yellow, orange
    leaves falling, dressing the ground
    autumn has arrived

  16. the weather feels cool
    the leaves are starting to fall
    peaceful autumn days

  17. crisp leaves falling down
    pumpkin spice in my coffee
    kids at school: I sip

  18. wet, foggy mornings,
    crunchy, fragrant leaves falling.
    Autumn has arrived.

  19. Leaves changing color;
    A closet full of hoodies;
    Pumpkins, Halloween.

  20. the chill in the air
    the leaves changing bright colors
    having a birthday

  21. yummy stew and chili
    make my belly full of warmth
    love to be cozy inside

  22. Cool breeze, warm sunshine.
    Get out your favorite coat.
    Still need sunglasses.

    Fun contest!!
    chefskate at aol dot com

  23. Longer sleeves, long pants
    Apple bobbing, Halloween
    Autumn, I’ve missed you

  24. A warm autumn wind
    Leaves orange red and gold
    Pumpkins fat on vines


  25. Minnesotas beautiful changing season
    the leaves that mirror my heart
    excitement for the first snow

  26. happily op’ning
    girly packages of tights
    leaves swirl ’round ankles

  27. Brown leather pigskin
    Demolishing opponents
    Yell, “Boomer Sooner!”

    Okay, Dolly, that one was a little tacky, I know…but one thing I love about the fall is OU football season!!

    And everyone else already wrote about cider, pumpkins, and crisp breezes. 🙂

  28. Seventy degrees
    T-shirts until November
    Autumn in the South.

    It doesn’t very cold in SC until winter LOL!


  29. The pumpkin run
    Squirrels hiding food
    Mums in full bloom


  30. Thirty-seven weeks
    Pregnancy is full-term now
    Ready for baby!

    Sorry it’s not fall-related, but that’s what’s big for MY fall this year 🙂 SaraG & BabyE

  31. A warm campfire
    A crisp beeze is in the air
    Oh I love Autumn


  33. […] Traveling With Baby – Where the Wild Things Are DVD (Sept 26th) […]

  34. Chai tea warms my tongue
    Life in the tropics is hot
    I can dream of fall

  35. Pumpkins in the field
    Soon will be Jack-O-Lanterns
    Halloween is here

    CalifKitties (AT) aol.com

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