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Weekend Update

On Friday, Calvin and I headed to Mainly Music for another fun session of music and motion, snacks and toys, and catching up with friends.  What exactly do we DO at Mainly Music?  We sing and move to fun songs such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

The previous week, Calvin had a special treat when his Daddy surprised him and joined us.

But, enough of what happened the last 2 weekends . . .

We had big plans for Saturday: get to the City Market by 7am, update our addresses for voter registration at the DMV, and then venture to Staunton for Steve to prepare for the Outdoor Wilderness Survival class that he’s teaching for the Staunton Recreation & Parks Department later this month.

Unfortunately, our son woke up numerous times throughout the night because of his teething/viral cold which made us him miserable.  When he wanted to sleep in Saturday morning, I wanted to give him the opportunity to do so.  So, Steve did most of the morning errands while I hung out with Calvin and got him ready for a 45-minute road trip to the park in Staunton.  His morning nap was concurrent with our travel time, so I remained with him in the car while Steve tromped around in the woods.

When he woke up, he kept gazing at the lovely canopy of trees overhead–mesmerized by the leaves gently falling in the breeze.  I nursed Calvin outside under the towering walnut and oak trees.

Once we got home, Steve began working on cutting down the massive dead tree in the backyard.

Calvin and I looked on from a safe distance until we were tired of being a mosquito buffet.  Yes, even in the middle of a hot afternoon, we were getting chomped alive.  For a few brief moments, Calvin walked around in the grass which he found extremely strange and curious.

Here’s a close-up of Steve working with his Batman utility belt complete with chain saw, curved saw blade, and other cool tree pruning gadgets.  This particular tree wasn’t infested with poison ivy like most of the other trees he works on in Charlottesville, but it did have a wasp nest which is probably far worse to deal with.

After church on Sunday (and the obligatory naps), we headed back out to the Jefferson Parkway for a leisurely stroll on the trails.  Then, Steve & I created a peach, raisin, apple crisp for an evening snack while we settled down to watch this season’s Heroes.  Our weekend was pretty awesome.  How was yours?

–This is an original Traveling with Baby post by Dr. Dolly Garnecki

2 Responses

  1. You guys all look so happy and healthy! I love Calvin’s rosey-red cheeks!

  2. […] Weekend Update Posted on October 13, 2008 by Dr. Dolly Garnecki Steve made some serious progress on the giant dead tree in the backyard. […]

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