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My baby communicates quite clearly, but I need to work on my listening skills.  When he drops something, I say “uh-oh”.  Lately, I realize he’s been mimicking me for quite some time–I just didn’t catch it.  Instead of “uh-oh” he says “uh-uh” in a much more gutteral version.  He’ll do this repeatedly after I say it.

He started saying “mama” and “dada” around the same time . . . regularly saying those words a few months ago.  Those two words are used to describe what he wants almost as if they’re a complete vocabulary based on the context, inflection, and associated hand gestures.

For example, Calvin typically takes a shower with Daddy everyday when he comes home from work.  So, if he doesn’t to see Daddy in the morning before he leaves for work, he asks about him all day long.  Anywhere we venture in the apartment, he’ll inquire “Dada?”.  This is especially intensified whenever he’s in the bathroom sitting on the potty–peering into the shower.  He MUST be in there! “Dada?”  He’s rather confused and disappointed when he can’t find his Daddy in the shower during the day, or anywhere else in the apartment.

Mama is my name, of course.  But, it’s also synonymous with “pick me up” with arms raised overhead.  Most often it’s used for “milk” in conjunction with the ASL sign for “milk”–especially near bedtime when he’s tuckered out.

For other objects, he’ll say “dat” or “what’s that?” (which sounds more like “dut dat”) and point when he wants to touch something: the wall, the doorknob, the tree bark, a leaf, anything and everything.

If he’s hungry for lunch, and I’m taking too long to prepare it.  He’ll scoot the high chair around (it’s strapped to a dining chair and sits on a tile floor) and yell “MA-MAHHHHH!” repeatedly in his most whiney voice.

So, we’re still working on getting the communication down for the potty.  Steve is WAY better at reading that than me.  If Calvin’s happily playing with his toys in his room, then he suddenly gets fussy, Steve puts him on the potty and he GOES.  I haven’t had the same track record with him.  He will still go on the potty when I put him on it after a meal or when he first wakes up, but this past week, I have had more misses than catches.  So, I think I need to work on my listening skills because apparently my son’s internal clock is in the midst of change.

Since I’ve paid closer attention to the various syllabic sounds that come out of his mouth and the times in which he says them, I’ve definitely become more aware at his ability to speak and to communicate with me.  As he gets better at enunciating words, I hope that I, too, will get better at listening to his attempts and encourage him when he DOES say something somewhat intelligible.

The other day, I swear he said “bockfoss” after I asked if he wanted to eat breakfast.  Of course, I’ve never heard him repeat that since.

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