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Babylicious Snuggle Love

My son’s favorite part of his bedtime routine is his evening bath.  Getting out of the tub can be a bummer unless he can be snuggled up in cuddly goodness with a warm and absorbent hooded towel.

Check out this stylish hooded towel from the Babylicious Prince Charming Collection.  It arrived in darling brown box with a window and ribbon handle, perfect for gifting at your next baby shower.  The brown box also doubles as an entertaining toy for your toddler.

This 100% cotton terry towel measures 43″ x 24″, and it features a hood with a decorative blue-and-cocoa striped border.  The back of the terry towel is covered in a mod cotton print featuring a baby blue background with cocoa crowns.  Wrapping up a baby after bath time, it’s simply adorable:

The decorative fabric on the back of the terry actually keeps in the warmth and prevents the moisture from soaking through.  We typically dry off our son and put him in his pajamas on our bed, and this cool towel prevented any dampness from soaking through onto our quilt.  Not only is the outer fabric fun, it actually serves a purpose!

What did my son think of it?

He pretty much LURVED his new Babylicious hooded towel.

The hooded towel from the Prince Charming Collection retails for $38.00 US.  You can order it directly from the Babylicious site.  While you’re there, subscribe to their mailing list by December 24, 2008, and you could win an entire Babylicious collection.  Now, wouldn’t that take the edge off of the recession in your home?

GLAD: It’s the most effective hooded towel I’ve tried on my son to date.  It’s absorbent, and moisture doesn’t soak through which keeps him extra warm and snuggly.

SAD: It’s kinda pricey for a towel.  The size is great for an infant, but for my 1-year old who’s in the 100th percentile for height, it’s a little too small.  I’d love to see this hooded towel in a larger size for a more reasonable price.

An original post by Dr. Dolly

One Response

  1. Thanks for your great review. I designed the Prince Charming collection and really love it when people like our products.

    True, the Prince Charming towel is slightly different from our other towels (which have the hood on the corner of the hood, giving a little more length to them) when it comes to size. We made the Prince Charming towel wider than longer, so that moms and dads had more to wrap baby up in. To increase the ‘snuggly’ factor! 🙂


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