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Infant Baptism

Happy Reformation Day!  In honor of the day that Martin Luther tacked the 95 Theses on the door of the Church to announce that it change its practices and policies that were non-Biblical and heretical, I have a post on a church topic  that affects the modern day protestant church.

We’re once again members of a church that believes in infant baptism. Those were the doctrinal beliefs of our beloved church in Sanford, Florida.  But, ever since Calvin was born, we were attending at a church which fell more in line with baptist doctrine (adult baptism is cool, but infant baptism is definitely not legit with them).

We thought it would be appropriate for Calvin to be baptized on the same weekend we celebrate his birthday for a variety of reasons: 1) he’s already celebrating his first birthday, 2) it’s close to Reformation Day, and 3) there will be out-of-state family members in town to join in the celebration.

For the record, I grew up in a denomination that definitely didn’t believe in infant baptism.  And when I became a Christian in college, I attended Bible studies and campus Christian organizations that definitely did not hold to those beliefs and rather, said very confusing things about what was considered a very controversial doctrine.

Since that time frame, Steve and I have both really dug into the issue of infant baptism.  I could go into a whole post outline with reasons why we believe in the covenental sign of baptism to the children of professing Christians, but instead, I’ll just link to an amazingly well-thought out and concisely presented video from Third Mill that explains the covenenant membership and symbolism of baptism.  If you’re on the fence on this issue, or if you don’t understand why some professing denominations believe in infant baptism, then I urge you to check out the video.

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