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Grieving Lost Data

I had several ideas for posts this week that are not going to be published.  I’ll tell you what they were, anyway.

Today, I took my camera with me to the polling center and snapped photos of the long line, the drummer set-up with the drumset who wore “vote” branded on his white t-shirt, and a photo of my son with me and my paper ballott (so I could write-in my choice for President).  I was going to have a post on election day all ready to go, including the cool options for free Starbucks coffee and a free Ben & Jerry’s cone for voters.  But, you won’t be seeing that post.

I was also going to have some GREAT photos tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.  I couldn’t decide whether I would put up the one of my son with the icing moustache or the one of him splashing in the tub with his cousin Livia.  Both photos were so adorable that I might have ended up posting both…but now, I won’t post either one.

Then, I was going to post about my son’s birthday weekend.  I’d include photos of all the kiddos on a log in the makeshift firecircle around the firepit where we roasted hot dogs, burgers, and s’mores.  I’d also include photos of his baptism on Sunday…and photos of my mom visiting with him on Monday.  But, you won’t see ANY of those photos…and neither will I…EVER again.

They’re gone. Deleted.  Vaporized.  One minute I’m copying from the memory card, and another moment I’m pasting to my C-drive.  And, once the photos had apparently all been imported, something went wrong.

I love photos.  I cherish them…I’ve been documenting my son’s entire first year.  And now, the culmination of his first year milestone is only a few photos of him in the yard with his cousins.  I don’t even think I took those photos, but got them from someone else.  I’m absolutely sick about the fact that I don’t have them…and I can NEVER EVER get them back…EVER.

So, you won’t be seeing those posts I mentioned above.  I’m going to go now and sulk about this.  The silver lining is that I do get to experience the real thing every day….and not just a photographic image of my darling son.  However, please excuse me while I strangle my computer.


2 Responses

  1. 😦 Bummer…

  2. Oh man. That is just horrible!! I would be a total wreck!! I’m so sorry!!!!

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