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Holiday Happiness

Autumn is my favorite season of the year: jewel-toned leaves, crisp breezes, and crackling fires.  It’s also the change in the foiliage and weather that beckons in the holiday season.

To me, holidays are about time with family, cherishing fellowship over meals, and remembering what matters most.

I love giving a heartfelt gift to my loved ones at Christmas–not because I HAVE to, but because it’s symbolic and wonderful.  Homemade gifts, framed family photos, or a thoughtful poem–they may not be material wonders that are IN for 2008, but they are definitely gifts to cherish throughout the decades.

Marilyn at Grandparents.com recently introduced me to their memory-making Ultimate Holiday Guide.  Whether you’re grand or great, there are some wonderful ideas for sharing the holidays with little ones.

This week, I was blessed with some gifts that I won on blog giveaways.

I won a bento box set for my son on Petit Tableau.  Now, I can pack snacks and lunches for him in a fun and creative way for the days he’s at work with me or while we’re traveling.  I had a bento box when I was in elementary school, and I loved it!  I hope my son grows up with fond memories of the love and care that are packed into his lunch.

On Everything Up Close, I won a Forever in My Heart necklace from Sima’s Fine Art Jewelry.  Not only is the hammered gold heart and encircling hoop delicate and beautiful, but it came in a metal, heart-shaped box with a clear lid, and the box was filled with dried lavendar and rosebuds.  It was so feminine and delightful. . . just perfect for me!

The designer and artist, Sima Gilady is kind enough to share a discount to her fab etsy store with all of you.  Get 10 percent off on any jewelry purchase when you mention the code DOLLY.  Her hammered and hand-stamped jewelry makes the perfect heartfelt gift for your best friend, mother, grandmother, or daughter.

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, may I wish you warmth, friendship, and wonderful memories for many holidays to come.

Many blessings,

Dr. Dolly


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