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Babywearing is for Daddies, Too

It’s been a rough week for the little man as he’s had 4 teeth come in while battling a particularly unforgiving cold.  To accommodate his need to be extra cuddly, and to give our arms a well-needed break, we’ve been wearing him when we’re out and about, and even on the homefront.

The other night, dinner prep included burgers on the grill.  I asked Steve to wear Calvin on his back so 1) he’d be happy by hanging out with Daddy and 2) I wouldn’t have to worry about him getting in harm’s way in the kitchen.  Steve was reluctant.  He exclaimed, “it’ll take twice as long if I wear him on my back!”  I replied, “he’s been REALLY fussy all day, and all he wants is to be held…AND, he misses you.  So, please?”  I tied him in…and I actually think it’s harder to tie a baby onto someone else than it is to tie one onto me.  But, we did it, and Calvin was happy while Daddy ran back and forth from the grill to the kitchen.

The only thing that took extra time was I made Steve stand still just long enough to snap a few photos.  Of course, he HAD to make a comment about that.  “See!  I told you it’d take twice as long…I knew there’d be these silly photo ops!”

Of course these are photos ops.  I lost all the photos I took from Calvin’s first birthday (and the week thereafter).  I’m gonna take as many photos of him while he’s little as I can…you betcha!


I actually received this awesome Mei Tai on Calvin’s birthday from my sis-in-law.  I’d been without a carrier for 2 VERY long months.  Calvin outgrew the pouch sling around 9 months.  Within 2 minutes, my shoulders were killing me, and I knew he weighed too much to wear in a pouch.  But, I was out of options until I received the Mei Tai.

Personally, I loved the pouch sling for many months.  The Mei Tai is a fantastic sling, too…can be worn with newborns to toddlers.  If I could do it all over again, I’d get a stretchy wrap sling to wear with a newborn to use while nursing and to help ’em calm down and sleep during the day while keeping my hands free.  Then, I’d use a ring sling or pouch sling as they grow older and have more head support.  I also love the front and back wear options of the Mei Tai.  I definitely think babywearing means you need to have options as baby grows in size, weight, and functional capability.

There’s a contest for a Peekaru on togetherbe.com.  I know you’d love to enter yourself, but if you like my entry, please vote for me!  I’d love to win a Peekaru to wear my little guy in the cool weather!  My entry is below:

We go together,
through pouring rain or flurries of snow.

Whatever the weather,
You’re snuggled beneath my chin. And so,

You’re close to my heart,
drinking milk when you please.

Our Mei Tai is lovely and smart;
we can travel with ease.

–By Dr. Dolly

3 Responses

  1. nice! i was hoping the wrap would be my “one-size option” for babywearing w/the next bug. …but i’m realizing more & more i will probably need (or want?) a sling & mei-tai. darn! 🙂

  2. Dolly, so funny you just posted on this topic – i’ve been looking lately for a new carrier/sling, Jack has also outgrown his and my armes are getting tired too! I’ll have to give you a call sometime and get more info. There’s a store about 25 min away that has tons of slings, i think the mai tai too, but they are all so pricy there. Anyway thanks for the post and great poem. I’ll post again for your contest – if my computer doesn’t give me the blue screen of death again tonight!

  3. LOVE your poem. I agree that different carriers are needed as baby grows and changes. I’m definitely considering getting a stretchy wrap before baby #2 arrives.

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