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Cat’s Got My Tongue

Last week was challenging.  Calvin endured 4 more teeth pushing through and a very nasty cold.  He normally loves baths, independent play with his toys, and food.  But last week, none of those things were much fun for him.

Instead, he wanted to sleep, nurse, or be held.  ALL. THE. TIME.

So, I took a few days off from working on the blog and the practice, and I just comforted my dear little dude.  I knew he was starting to feel better a couple of days ago when he was all smiles and laughs in the morning (instead of a crying, fussy mess).

Even yesterday, he was starting to play with his toys all by himself, once again, only as long as he was in the same room as Mommy and Daddy.  But hey, we could all hang out together in one place, and that was not as wearisome as having to carry Calvin all over the house every moment of the day.

Today, I think he’s back to his normal self.  He spent almost all morning playing in his room.  He didn’t complain when I put him on the potty, and even kept his diaper clean until it was time to go.  Thank you, son!

Unfortunately, I got the nasty cold that he had last week.  It’s left me run down and tired, and it took my voice.  I haven’t had laryngitis since I was in junior high (the same weekend as regional choir auditions—that didn’t work out quite so well for me).

So, trying to warn Calvin not to touch Daddy’s hardbound books or ingest paper doesn’t work out very well through verbal reprimands.  Yesterday, I tried to say, “Calvin! No!”  Instead, all that came out was , “Calvin!” and something squeaky that sounded like a mouse trying to partially say “No.”

Calvin looked at me strangely as if to say, “what the heck happened to you?  You sound like a whispering and gurgling chipmunk!”

Even crazier is trying to talk on the phone.  My friends called this weekend, and I listened their updates, but I couldn’t ask questions, or hardly answer questions.  When I did, they couldn’t hear me…thought the connection was bad, and they hung up on me.  This happened more than once.  I think I may need to resort to texting or just plain ol’ e-mail for the next few days.

Hey, at least Calvin’s feeling better!  One of these days, my throat won’t feel like a fire pit, and I’ll be able to communicate with my voice instead of unintelligible whispers.

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  1. Chug that hot tea with honey and ginger!!!

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