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Shop. Breastfeed. All in a Day’s Work.

I’ve been running around non-stop getting things set-up for the practice, and thankfully, my dear son has been such a great sport about it all.  We spent 5 hours crammed in the truck yesterday driving to and from northern Virginia to pick up a chiropractic roller table and some goods from my FAVORITE FURNITURE STORE OF ALL TIME.  Yes, we wedged the car seat in the middle of the cab behind and between our seats.  It was tight, but it was safe for all on board.

Ikea was dead slow on a Thursday.  We almost had the entire store to ourselves.  Calvin got to run a-muck in the warehouse and “ooh and ahh “at the bright lights and pretty displays.  When he got tired of sitting in the cart, he hung out with me in the mei tai.  In fact, for his afternoon nap, I was able to nurse him in the mei tai (while my nursing cover was thrown over his head for extra modesty protection).  That was a first for me.  I’ve never nursed while baby carrying before, and I thought it worked out pretty well.  Calvin actually fell asleep while nursing in the carrier.  I only wish the top of it had buttons to secure the headpiece because otherwise his head dipped backward unless I used my hands (defeats the purpose of a carrier) to pull the head support toward me to support his precious little head.  After about 45 minutes to an hour of this, I was completely tuckered out.

Steve made a little pallet for Calvin in the shopping cart so he could sleep in there on top of our jackets.  But, he wasn’t going to have ANYTHING to do with that!  He wanted to sleep snuggled up against me.  So, he woke up, and Daddy got to carry him around for awhile.

For the drive home, we put him in his pajamas, sang him his lullabyes, and with nary a protest, he fell fast asleep within 5 minutes, and never woke up even when we put him down in his crib.  He didn’t wake up until 5:30 AM, which was FINE by me.  He’s become quite a good sleeper.  It just took 7 months or so.

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