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Medela Bamboo Nursing Cami Review

Bamboo is the latest and greatest plant-based fabric that’s eco-friendy and super soft.  It’s in baby clothing, socks, hats, t-shirts, and now in a nursing camisole for that extra-sensitive tissue in new nursing moms.

nursecamiblk-02Medela, maker of some of the best breastmilk pumps and nursing bras has developed a super comfy nursing camisole from breathable bamboo fibers that your skin will love.

The wide shoulder straps add extra-support.  The lacy edging provides a feminine style for wear under other blouses.  The extra-length of the torso keeps you covered when you’re bending over to pick up baby.  The drop-cup design allows for easy access for nursing.

Overall, this is my favorite nursing tank ever!  There’s plenty of band support and an extra middle layer for lift and support.  Feel great while wearing it and feel even better knowing you’ve purchased a product made from sustainable fibers.

This fab nursing camisole is available in white or black in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.  It retails for $35 to $45.

Glad: The modest length of the camisole keeps you covered in spite of any of the mom-gymnastics you have to perform on a daily basis.

Sad: The band elastic does run tight.  If you’re between sizes, go with the larger size.

2 Responses

  1. Good for them. Bamboo is sustainable and more eco friendly than cotton.

  2. Yes but you also must look into how it’s manufactured. Depending upon the process, must bamboo is chemically melted down in a vat of goo and then turned into fabric. So are not so that is also an important issue.

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