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Caws and Hrucks

Calvin’s been fascinated with cars and trucks and anything wheeled for quite some time.  He’s sorta been saying “hruck” and pointing to his toy trucks for the past few weeks.  Today, however, he added a new vocab word.

As we walked through the parking lot, someone drove by.  Calvin pointed to it and said “caw”.

I got excited and responded, “Yes!  That’s right!  Car.  Good job.”  His smile was wide, and he was pleased with his discovery.

As we walked toward our vehicles, I pointed out the Honda and said, Car.  That’s Mommy’s car.”  Then, I pointed to Steve’s pick-up and said, “Daddy’s truck.”  I repeated the pointing and identification once more before we headed home.

On the drive home, Calvin pointed out every car at every traffic light.  He either said “vroom, vroom” or “car.”

Once we got home, he began playing with his toy trucks.  Then, suddenly he stopped and pointed at the window and said “hruck” and smiled.  I looked and saw that Steve’s truck had just pulled into the driveway (remember, we’re in a basement apartment, so our windows peer onto the driveway).  Even though he was only able to see the wheels and the bottom of the truck, he was able to identify it.

Now, if he could only say “I need to go potty,” then things would start to get much simpler around here!

One Response

  1. aww, nice! it’s funny reading that flashed me back to asher around that age. learning to identify “trucks, cars, vans, buses”…and staring out the window watching them all go by (& naming as they went), as we lived on a busy street. what’s funny though is that grace never went through a car/truck phase. just now realizing that. no interest in watching vehicles drive by, no commenting while we’re in the car about teh other cars around us. but she did point out people, “momma’s, dada’s, babies” ect. so stereotypical!

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