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Boon Makes a Splash

I’m not one of those parents who feels the need to indulge into getting my little guy tons of toys, especially bath toys.  Calvin’s just about 15 months and to date he’s enjoyed a scoop bucket (meant to rinse his hair), a floating temperature device, and two foam/fabric water-absorbing balls while in the tub.  He doesn’t need a lot of toys at bath time since the bath in and of itself is pure pleasure.  Besides, I’m a wary shopper when it comes to kids toys that may have hidden BPA or phthalates.  If the packaging doesn’t say “BPA/phthalate free”, then I stay far away.

boonlogotag_rgb1So, it’s a relief to be able to use products from a company who consistently goes out of their way to create fun and safe products for babies and toddlers.  You can bet everything in their line is BPA and phthalate-free.  In the past, we’ve enjoyed several items from their feeding line, and now we’re happy to make bath time even more exciting with the Frog Pod Deluxe with designer bath goods.


This cool Frog toy scooper docks onto your shower/tub walls through one of three methods:

  1. 3M adhesive strips
  2. suction cups
  3. screws

You pick the method of application.  The adhesive strips come with the Frog Pod as well as an isopropyl alcohol wipe to clean the application surface.  It’s recommended to store up to 10 pounds with the adhesive strips, 5 pounds with suction cups, and 20 pounds with screws.  For practical purposes, I’d recommend the adhesive strips.  The multi-lingual directions clearly describe the variations in mounting the Frogpod Deluxe.

Besides the Frog scooper, Boon also kicks in a complimentary 1 year subscription to Parents’ magazine.  Also, it feels great knowing that 10% of the profits from your purchase go toward children’s charities.

The Frog Pod Deluxe toy scooper is recommended for all ages (it’s just as much fun for adults as it is for kids, and it’s safe for babies), but the designer bath goods are recommended for 6+ months.  I totally dig that it makes bath time toy scoop up time a breeze.  Rinse. Self-draining.  Re-dock the pod.  Done.   The whole aeration factor and the particular plastic surface makes the Frog Pod mold and mildew resistant which is good news for parents and kiddos.


It’s big.  This isn’t a small little thing that indiscreetly hides under the shampoo.  It is a very large, fun, and boistrous frog . . . on your shower wall.  My bathroom just happens to be decorated in frogs, so I really don’t mind.  But, I was surprised at how big it actually is compared to photos I’ve seen online.  The dimensions are 19″ x 16 1/2″ x 7″.

My son loves the Frog Pod and the Designer Bath Goods.  Forget waiting until clean-up to bust out with it, but make it part of bath time fun.  My son made a game of clean-up by placing each and every toy into the pod scoop.  Then, he gingerly pulled out each one and played with it.  Hey, at least he had fun with clean up (if only he’d do this in his room!).  So, my job was already halfway completed!

If you already have a bathtub full of fun and safe baby toys, then the Frog Pod will make your clean up time easier.  If you’re in need of some BPA/phthalate-free waterproof fun stuff, then Boon has you covered with their Designer Bath Goods.


These are colorful die-cut foam shapes, balls, and scrubby/poufs.  The best part about the foamy pieces is that when wet, they cling to the side of the tub and to other foam pieces.  My son happily creates unique bathtub artwork every night.  The bath goods include the following:

  • 15 designer bath appliques
  • 3 balls
  • 2 mini-scrubbies


Order your own Boon Frog Pod Deluxe with Bath Toys for your  lilypad home online.  It retails for $34.99 – $36.99.

GLAD: It’s whimsical fun with some serious practicality, and it’s mold/mildew resistant–genius!

SAD: It’s very big, but I guess that enables it to hold up to 20 pounds worth of bath toys and toiletries.


If you have a little tyke who likes to pretend his plate is a flying saucer at dinner time, Boon’s created a divine non-flying Saucer–the stay-put divided plate.

feedingob_saucerfood01This cute 7-inch diameter plate is a fresh re-design of those dimpled lunch trays in the school cafeteria made just for toddlers.  The grippy bottom discourages a game of shuffleboard at the dinner table, but the sections keep foods from melding and make toddlers happy.

The stay-put bottom doesn’t suction, and ultimately, this plate won’t prevent a determined toddler from figuring out how to launch it from the table.  However, the  lack of an outer lip to grab means that it’s not an obvious frisbee.  The sleek design is aesthetically pleasing to adults.  And, it matches Boon’s orange and white Modware and Fluid for a complete table setting.  Like all Boon products, the Saucer is BPA/phathalate/PVC-free.  The Saucer retails for $5.99.

GLAD: Darling dimpled plate that’s safe for baby and a great transition from high chair tray to dining table.

SAD: It will be a sad day when my son outgrows this cute plate.  By then maybe they’ll make a larger sized one for bigger kids.


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