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Let the Sunshine in

There are weeks that I’m thankful that I only work 3 1/2 days per week.  This is definitely one of those weeks.  Not only was I recovering from a health issue, but Calvin woke up Tuesday night with the dreaded cough.  The barky, croupy, awful cough.

Instead of doing all the things that I’d planned on doing on Wednesday (catching up on chores, running errands, going to Bible study at church), we did absolutely none of those things.  Calvin and I took a long morning nap and hung out in our pajamas for half of the day.  As Calvin’s cold has progressed throughout the week, my productivity has decreased.

By Friday morning, I was drained of all energy.  We usually spend that day going to Mainly Music, but we took another L-O-N-G morning nap and relaxed at home.  You know that old adage to sleep when baby sleeps for a new mom?  Well, that same saying applies to mom when sick toddler has kept mom up all night long with fussing and crying.

Today is Sunday…the day we typically spend by attending church in the morning and hanging out as a family at home.  Since my son refused most of his dinner the night before because his throat was so irritated, he woke up in the middle of the night with a runny nose, dry cough, and insatiable hunger.  I knew there was no way he nor I would sit through church since he was so miserable–what was the point?  So, we stayed home and we both rested until 1 pm.

But, since it was such a lovely and unusually warm day, all 3 of us took a very long and leisurely walk.


A little by foot, but mostly by stroller.

img_4563He was happy to go outside and get fresh air and sunshine.  I was glad that for a couple of hours, he wasn’t fussing and miserably unhappy due to his cold.

img_4571We wrapped up the walk at the nearby playground at Johnson Elementary.  After wooshing down the slides with Daddy and clamboring around on the playground, our little guy was completely tuckered out.

img_4573One of these days I’ll get a better playground photo by taking shadows into account.  But, Calvin was all smiles for us this afternoon.


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