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Enjoying Every Moment

The most common piece of advice that I receive from veteran parents and grand parents is to cherish and enjoy every moment that my son is little because it’s so fleeting.

Today I spoke with a mom whose son is about to graduate from high school.  When he was the same age as my boy, she used to wish he’d hurry and grow up and not need her so much.  Now, she regrets that those days are long gone.

img_4587I will confess that the past two weeks have been very difficult.  My son suffered from a cough-cold while 6 teeth continued to erupt through the gums.  Sleep was broken and scarce for all of us.  My typically happy and independent son wanted nothing other than to snuggle while being held for hours on end.  As much as I was sad that I couldn’t bear my son’s discomfort for him, and I was especially groggy on many days, I absolutely adored the moments he just wanted to lay his head on my chest for comfort and rest.

Calvin’s just about back to his typical self.  However, he did spend a good chunk of the day snuggled on my lap and on Steve’s lap.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.


2 Responses

  1. Yes the days go by quickly and I think even quicker when you have more than one. It’s hard to believe that my baby will turn 14 yrs old this July and my youngest baby girl will turn 3yo next month in March. I just flies! I miss the times when were both nursing on the couch next to each other at Grandpa’s!

  2. I too appreciate and cherish those moments! How sweet Calvin is! I am glad he is feeling better!

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