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Laptop On-the-Go with a Messenger Bag – Review

It is a Southern tradition to monogram everything from your towels to your purse.  So, why not monogram your laptop bag?  While you’re at it, why not get a laptop messenger bag that’s distinctly you and not the run-of-the-mill industrial black padded briefcase type thing that men use.  B00000r-ring.  I’m talking, make a statement with an exclamation mark and never let someone else mistake their bag for yours when you’re at the airport terminal or the local coffee shop with WiFi.

img_46241Lime. Green.

I really needed a bag that was NOT black nor brown.  Other color options are ocean or berry.  If you are the more subdued type that only wants a hint of flair, you can pick a sweet laptop bag in chocolate or black with a contrasting monogram thread that still says, “I’m a woman with a laptop, and I love to look good.”

laptop-3-x-4-300-resThe Laptop Messenger Bag from Simply-Bags (www.simply-bags.com) features easy to clean smooth micro fiber for those occasional spills at the java house.  There’s an outside zipped pocket with mini holders for the non-techy creative writing instruments, lip balm, and a granola bar.  The inside features a padded divider pocket with velcro secure on the top which fits most laptops sizes (12 1/2″ X 15 1/2″).  The outer pocket is great for a legal pad, and the latest copy of the New York Times.  You could probably fit quite a few more things, but why?  You have  your laptop!  There’s an outer side pocket which will hold a typical water bottle to keep you hydrated after downing all that caffeine.

The laptop messenger bag measures 15 inches across, 16 inches deep, and 4 inches wide on the bottom.  The adjustable shoulder strap ensures a great fit and keeps you hands free so you can hold your toddler’s hand while crossing the street and balance that cup of mocha.  The sturdy top handles enable an alternate carrying position.  This cute bag keeps your laptop baby safe and secure while you’re running amock.  It comes with 3 letter monogramming in a cursive, italicized font with a contrasting thread.  The largest initial is in the center for the last name.  For $39.99, you get personalized style in a durable bag that will weather a windy Oklahoma spring to a wintry ice storm in Minnesota.

GLAD: Sleek design yet plenty of padding to keep my laptop safe, and the monogramming quality is excellent.

SAD: The orientation of the bag is vertical which hangs low at the bottom when you want the zippered opening at an accessible height.  I’d love to see an option with the shoulder straps that allows you to position the bag horizontally, like other messenger bags.  Also, an extra wide and padded piece on the shoulder strap would make it more comfortable.

You can purchase your laptop messenger bag directly from Simply-Bags.com.  You can order personalized tote bags for a savings of 10% with code dolly.  Happy shopping!


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