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Going Back to Work after Staying Home with Baby

calvindollyI thought the laundry would pile up to mountainous levels.  I expected us to go hungry and scramble for dinner every night.  I expected us to bust bedtime by several hours on a regular basis.  Ultimately, I expected everything at home to lose all sense of organization and order when I started working . . . surprisingly and thankfully, I was wrong.

I could barely manage to get in a shower by noon the first six months post-partum.  I definitely was not on top of meal planning and preparation beyond one meal per day.  Once my son began solids, I spent so much time figuring out his foods, that I sorta didn’t do a great job multi-tasking meal prep for me and my husband.

How on earth was I going to get my life and home together and handle that and handle starting a practice?

One word.


Answered prayer: God-send of a husband–Steve.

  • Guess who makes hot breakfast for our family every morning?  Not me.
  • Guess who takes our son home at the end of the day when he’s had enough of the four walls of his playroom at the office?  Not me.
  • Guess who does grocery shopping 60% of the time and cooks dinner 40% of the time?  Not me.
  • Guess who balances the budget, keeps us on budget, and sacrifices his Christmas gift money for things we need instead of buying things he wants? Not me.

I couldn’t start a practice or continue blogging if it wasn’t for my amazing husband.

We’ve had to make some changes around the home to make things work for us as a family.  Strangely enough, when I’m not home all day, I have less of a mess to clean up.  Fewer dishes to wash.  Fewer cloth diapers to clean (yes, we admittedly do use disposables while at the office).  Two or three days a week, we do meal prep that can be converted into several other meals or dishes throughout the week.  That makes dinner simpler and sooner on those days when we get home later than we’d hoped.

Are there days when our son goes to bed later than we’d like.  Yes, but not more than 30 or 45 minutes past his regular bed time.

We eat dinner (and sometimes breakfast) together as a family.

Mopping and vacuuming happen once a week, and laundry–well, we get to that when it’s absolutely necessary.

Our son rolls with the punches.  He’s happy to see me all day long.  We’re together as a family several days a week–which is our dream and our goal.

It IS possible to go back to work, spend time with your family, and keep your home in order.  I can’t imagine doing it as a single, working mom, but with a supportive husband who’ll roll up his sleeves and share the load, ANYTHING is possible.


One Response

  1. Amen sister! It is possible to be a working mom and BE HAPPY! Yes there will be sacrifices, but with God’s help and the support of your husband it is possible. Best wishes and prayers for your family and your new practice, we’re proud of you Dr. Garnecki!

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