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Smart Seat and Happy Eats

handysitt3If your baby is about to begin solids, may I recommend a travel high chair
that takes up minimal space, and grows with your child from 6 months to age 5.  The minui HandySitt is a sleek and classy Danish design that takes up much less space compared to equally well-made European high chair. It folds flat and easily stowes away or travels with you in your vehicle.  I wish I had one of these when we had to haul our son’s space-sucking plastic booster/high chair to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving.

handysitt23The HandySitt portable design is strong but lightweight, and it can be assembled in moments. Two days after I first unpacked it, I dismantled the Handysitt and took it with me to dinner at a friend’s house.  We were able to disassemble and reassemble it with ease and relative speed.  Also, our son was able to join us at the table (and not sitting on my lap), so we could all enjoy a wonderful dinner with friends.

handysittIt’s designed to fit with a variety of chairs with back height 12 to 19 inches.  Definitely measure your seat back height before considering this chair.  It barely fits on our dining room chairs…which are our only chairs in our tiny apartment.  But, we love it.

Did my toddler like it?

img_4668My son couldn’t WAIT to sit in it.  He saw it and started dancing.  The kind of dancing where he bobbles up and down and smiles and reaches his hands out with eager anticipation.  When he sat in it for the first time, he was all smiles feeling like a big boy.  It’s easy to slip him in and out.  He’s safe and can’t wiggle free or rock back and forth to tip over the chair (unlike another high chair that we’ve used).  The 3-point safety harness keeps him snugly in place.  He can rest his feet on the dining chair for more comfort.img_46691

My favorite feature is that my son can actually sit with us at the table.   Compared to the ugly, design-stifling plastic beast with protruding arm rests that inhibited him from pulling up to the table, the HandySitt is a great fit.  Sitting at the table and engaging and observing our conversation and behavior is a wonderful for our toddler’s social and language development.

7 Design Options

There are 7 different finishes: natural or black painted birch, with red, brushed steel or black metal arms, or the classy antique.  There’s a combination that can complement anyone’s tastes.

If this saavy chair does get mucky with marinara and smashed peas, all the parts disassemble and wipe down easily for continued clean, aesthetic grace before the next messy meal.

Safe for Baby, Good for Earth

Straight from minui’s site:

The HandySitt is made with steel and FSC-certified birch.  It uses only the materials it needs. All paint and varnish finishes are formaldehyde free, and the plastic guard contains no Phthalates. In other words, it can be safely licked clean by your toddler.


  • 3 point integrated safety harness
  • 6 point attachment system keeps chair securely in place
  • Fits children up to 5 years of age
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sound, ergonomic construction
  • Child sits at table with the rest of the family
  • Comfortable for child-feet can rest on chair below
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits a variety of chair types
  • Suitable for use in many rooms of the house
  • Ideal extra chair solution for part time needs
  • Easy installation
  • Folds flat for travel, restaurant use or storage
  • Lightweight at a mere 5 pounds
  • Folded, it measures 21” x 3” x 12”

The HandySitt beech and steel child chair retails for $149 which includes free shipping. There are various accessories available that help make the Handysitt high chair more adaptable to babies including a basic cushion, baby cushion, travel bag and stand alone.

You can order your Handysitt European high chair online.  For more information, please visit minui Handysitt US, the portable high chair manufacturer’s website.  Exclusive to Traveling with Baby readers, you can purchase your Handysitt high chair for a 10% savings with coupon code “peanut” (Expires March 2, 2009 at 9pm PST).

Note to Shoppers: There are other Handysitt child seats on the market, however the old Handysitt seat is a booster seat.  And, there are no safety standards for a product that fits onto a chair (e.g. the HandySitt or a booster seat). The new HandySitt, however, has been redesigned to conform to EU safety standards for a freestanding high chair (BS EN 14988:2006), making it the first and only chair-mounted high chair.  The EU safe Handysitt portable high chair is available exclusively through Keiki distribution in the U.S. and Canada.  If you see other online options available for $89 or $99, it is one of the few older (not recognized by EU safety standards).  Additionally, any online accessories for the older model do not fit with the newer model.  Anything and everything new, safe, and high chair related to the Handysitt is only available through minui Handysitt US.

GLAD: Sharp and smart high chair design that’s simple to use so baby can sit AT the table instead of being stranded in the corner.

SAD: I wish the extenders were longer in order to adapt to chairs with higher backs.


One Response

  1. These are so cool!! I’m looking for the perfect seat for Miss Pea…and I think this may be it!

    Great post!

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