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17 Months of Cuteness

Calvin was born on October 30th, 2007 at 5:06 A.M.


He just turned 17 months old.  Mouth full of teeth and an ever increasing vocabulary: dog, cat, roar, mama, dada, cheese, door, chair, hi, car, truck, milk (in sign language), please (sign), thank you (sign), stars, tree, mmm, sock, shoes, all done, and duck.


Well, cars, of course.  Whenever I put Calvin’s shoes and jacket on him, he blots to the door, grasping for the handle and shouts “Cah! Cah!”  He knows we’re about to jet somewhere, and he’s super stoked about it.

Bananas, oranges, grapes, and berries.  They’re always greeted with an “mmm”.

Mainly Music class.  He loves to dance, bounce, and run around enjoying the music.


As my son gets older, he becomes increasingly more fun.  One of his favorite activities (aside from eating and reading books with us) is to run around the apartment naked after bath time.  He prefers his hooded towel as his cape, but he’s just as happy without anything else on.


Since our son was 4 months old, we’ve been putting him on his clear potty while making “pssst. shhhhh. pssssst. shhhh” sounds to encourage him to do his thing.  His willingness to go on the potty has come and go in various spurts (not being literal).  But, now he’s seemingly more aware of a full or uncomfortable diaper.

He’ll strip off his pants and tug at his diaper.  Or, he’ll break open the storage closet with the magnetic childproof seal (I seriously need a refund on that Magnet Tot Lock!), and try to fish out the fresh stash of diapers.  Obviously he’s trying to clue in Mom and Dad that he needs his business taken care of.  Stat!

Also, he’s grown fond of his little potty chair.  After bath time when he’s free to air out.  He’ll straddle his little potty and pull up a book to read.  Seriously.  I should hand him a copy of the New York Times because this little dude likes to read on the john.  It’s stinkin’ adorable.  We oblige him with colorful and textured toddler prose, but I think we may upgrade to the Sunday comics, soon.

Since we adopted the “psss. shhh.” sounds, he’ll make the same sounds whenever he sits on his potty.  He also likes to pretend his potty is a car of sorts.  He’ll hand carry it from the carpeted room to the tile hallway.  Then, he’ll re-straddle it and push off with his feet to scoot around on the tile floor…all the while making “psst. shhh” sounds.  He can pee AND drive.

One Response

  1. Funny stuff about the potty. Our son liked to pull the padded seat off the potty and wear it around his neck (we obviously took it off asap) then sit *in* the potty.

    Unfortunately, at 2 1/2, still not potty trained!!

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