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Easter Weekend Update

I’m so glad spring is here.  Central Virginia displays the most beautiful spring I’ve ever seen.  Blossoming red buds, Bradford pear trees, and a myriad of cherry trees.  There’s a rainbow of colors from tree tops to the lovely daffodils.  Because of the rain, Steve got off early from work on Friday which allowed us to start our weekend early.

I had planned on taking Calvin to the park for a Friday picnic.  When we found out Daddy was coming home, we picked him up and headed to the park where all three of us could picnic.

A picnic with a toddler is a great idea, in theory.  I didn’t realize he’d be so distracted by the playground, people playing with dogs, and touch football game, that he wouldn’t be interested in eating.  At all.


Investigating a plastic egg he found abandoned in the grass.

img_5143_edited-1Hanging out with Daddy on the hillside.

img_5156_edited-1Hiking up the steep hill with Mama.

img_5131_edited-1Sneakin’ Mama’s water bottle.

img_5153_edited-1Waving to Daddy.

We would have had another park day on Saturday, but it was very, very cold.  Instead, we played inside the apartment.  Calvin received a generous Easter package from his grandma.  There were light-up toys, with buttons.  Doesn’t even matter what it does, if he can depress a button and there’s some effect, he’s excited.  Calvin thinks the screws on the car’s license plate are buttons which he always tries to press.  Anyway, he played with the buttons on some musical and light up toys.

We opened up all of his plastic eggs from grandma because chocolate and gum and corn syrup are pretty much 100% off limits to our little guy.  Steve took one for the team and ingested all of the sugary junk snacks.  Calvin occupied himself with the plastic eggs.  He spent hours opening them, closing them, placing them in his dump truck and driving them around the apartment.

On Sunday, we went to church, as usual.  However, we arrived a little late.  Late on Easter Sunday is not a good idea.  There were extra seats set up in the back of the sanctuary.  But, we didn’t even get one of those.  Nope, we were fortunate to get chairs, but they were set up in the foyer.  Forget standing up to sing, because we couldn’t see the projector screens due to the doorways.  However, it was a lovely service with the full choir and orchestra.  Calvin was mostly calm so we could listen and participate.

Later that evening, Calvin was restless.  He wanted to go outside, take a drive in the car, and just get the heck out of the apartment.  Toddler’s don’t understand, we’re going to the park LATER.  He just knows what he wants RIGHT NOW.

However, eventually, I did finish up a batch of garlic mashed potatoes, and we headed back to the park for a potluck with the city parish.  It was fun to catch up with friends, enjoy some yummy food, and watch 100 people play kickball…all on the field at the same time.  Incredible.

How was your weekend?

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