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Making Babyfood from Scratch

CB101818It may seem daunting, but it’s not as difficult or time consuming as you may think.  By doing bulk food prep once a week, or even once a month for younger babies, your overall food prep time (with cooking, freezing, and thawing) can be as quick as 2 to 5 minutes per serving.

What I love best about making my own babyfood is that I know EXACTLY what’s in it.  There’s some good stuff in the freezer at health foods stores, but price per ounce, making your own can’t be beat.  The jarred stuff that’s been on shelves for who knows how long.  I’m not so sure that I’d want to feed that to my little guy.  But, homemade sweet potatoes, apple sauce, oatmeal with raisins, now that’s good stuff.

Thursday, April 16 at 7pm, I’m teaching a class at the Charlottesville Whole Foods on Making Your Own Babyfood.  If you’re in the area, and you’d love to learn more details, show up and bring your friends!

We’ll cover information such as

  • physical signs to know whether your  baby is ready for solid foods
  • basic tools for food preparation
  • cost analysis
  • tips for preventing freezer burn
  • nutritional considerations when thawing frozen baby food
  • tips for taking home made babyfood with you on-the-go
  • the Dirty Dozen of the 12 worst conventional fruits and veggies (the BEST foods to purchase organic)
  • quick tips on thinning and thickening foods
  • the most baby-pleasing and economical baby food staples

5 Responses

  1. Great advice! I wish I had the internet when my kids were small!

  2. Dolly,
    Can’t make it to Charlottesville, but am fascinated to hear what you have to say about it. If there is any way to get a written format or something, I would love to see it. So cool!

  3. […] for those of you who showed up to the “Make Babyfood from Scratch” class at Whole Foods on Thursday evening.  We’re going to have an encore class soon […]

  4. […] for those of you who showed up to the “Make Babyfood from Scratch” class at Whole Foods on Thursday evening.  We’re going to have an encore class soon […]

  5. Totally with you on that — when you make your own baby food, you know what’s in it. No icky chemicals or preservatives for baby. Sounds like a great workshop! Hope you had a good turnout. Here’s my baby food recipes: http://tinyurl.com/pth9n9

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