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Blogaversary Bash

j03416531 It’s been 2 years since Traveling with Baby first began with posts on pregnancy, home birth, travel, natural parenting, health and nutrition, and, of course, product review and giveaways.

How convenient that our Blogaversary happens to fall on the same month as Mother’s Day.  This a mom’s blog, after all.

For those of your who’ve remained loyal readers and who actively comment, THANK YOU!  To those of you who’ve discovered this blog more recently, Welcome! I hope you enjoy the community at Traveling with Baby.

Launching mid-month is a new weekly series on Traveling with Baby called Health Happy Round-Up which will feature information on nutrition (yummy and nutritious recipes), natural remedies for common health conditions experienced by all ages, and information on the latest health research related to chiropractic and alternative health options.  Occasionally, you may even find information on my area of practice expertise: adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.  Stay tuned for more starting Friday, May 15th.

In honor of our Blogaversary Bash, several nifty sponsors have stepped up with some very groovy finds that are simply perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day.  Check back daily in May for fabulous giveaways on Traveling with Baby.

Blogaversary Bash Giveaways

As the giveaways go live, the links on this post will be active.  Comment on the specific giveaway posts to participate, and also comment here at the Blogaversary Bash post to be eligible for the prizes.


Mother’s Day

My ideal Mother’s Day would be spent with my two favorite guys.  Phone off and no computer access all day long, but my camera would be by my side!  I’d love to start the day with breakfast in bed.  Something yummy that I don’t have to cook or clean up afterward.

Next, I’d love to do something outdoors whether it’s a hike on a trail with a breathtaking view or a leisure walk in flowering gardens hand-in-hand with my husband and son.

Finally, I’d love to wrap up the day with a savory picnic in a place with panoramic sunset views.  Chocolate-covered strawberries would definitely top my dessert list.

Sure, I’d love material things (I could REALLY use a new pair of those silky soft cotton pajama pants at Target with the cute prints).  But the most important thing to me about Mother’s Day is spending it with the people that make me glad to be a Mom.

Here’s what I want to know from YOU.  Tell me about your ideal Mother’s Day.  How would you like to spend your special day with your family?

–By Dr. Dolly

116 Responses

  1. my ideal mother’s day is to spend the day just relaxing- no housework, no cooking that would be great

  2. hi Dolly,
    what a great site! its especially appropriate with our travel-heavy lifestyle in Moscow! 🙂 Unfortunately, my mother’s day was a casualty of said lifestyle this year. Hubby was still in Russia, I was visiting my family in Houston with 18 month baby. But ideally, it would be a day outside with the family, a yummy dinner, and a full night of sleep! Hope youre well, Dolly!

  3. Just found this site and I love it. For Mother’s Day next year I want breakfast in bed (of popovers) and then participate in Boston’s “Make Way for Ducklings” parade.

  4. Favorite way to spend a Mother’s Day? Quiet day with sweet husband and wonderful kids having a great local adventure! No stress, just something we haven’t seen before that maybe I wouldn’t venture to do on my own. 🙂

  5. I just looked at prAna and those clothes are so awesome! I love the Impala Tank and the Tahquita Pants look like they’d be great! This is so fun and I am loving all the stuff you are introducing me too!!!

  6. My ideal Mother’s Day includes meals prepared for me and the family by my husband, time to relax and read and time to spend with the kids in a park and/or playing games together indoors. Thanks!

  7. My ideal mother’s day would definitely include sleeping just a little longer than normal. After that, a relaxing day with the family — whether its going on an adventure or staying home and just enjoying ench other’s company would be great. As long as it doesn’t include housekeeping. I’d love for someone else to cook and clean up dinner, too.

  8. for me it would be a movie without baby, I haven’t had time to myself in over 7 months!

  9. at the beach watching my kids and husband play in the waves !

  10. I would love to sleep in a little and not have to cook or clean!

  11. my ideal mothers day WAS spent with my little girl. we had breakfast in bed and then spent the day relaxing at the park with a picnic.

  12. as long as my day started with Starbucks in bed with my kids and hubby and I didn’t have to wash a single dish all day I’d be happy 🙂

  13. My ideal mother’s day would be a lunch on Newbury St. in Boston or in Newberryport MA on the water with a girlfriend, a Bloody Mary and a big basket of whole belly fried clams. My husband will be having my 3 kids work on yard stuff and cleaning their rooms and doing their laundry so when I get home, it’s all done!

  14. My ideal Mothers day would be just spending the day with my daughter, having lunch together, being outside and playing.

    Of course pedicure & massage would be nice too! This mothers day I didn’t have to lift a finger, and that was wonderful!

  15. My ideal Mother’s Day would mean sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and a visit to a spa! Then maybe dinner out with the fam!!

  16. My ideal way is with my little family! Thanks and happy blogversary!! 🙂

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