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Weekend Update



I hope y’all had a great weekend and the Mother’s Day of your dreams.  On Saturday, we had our first visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  They have some exciting new features at the Thomas Jefferson Visitor’s Center for children.  Can’t wait to share them with you in next week’s Tuesday Travels.  Of course, we had to pose for a typical tourist shot outside the historic house.

Afterward, for another hop back in time, we headed over to Patrick Henry’s homestead for a one year-old’s birthday party (the home is now owned by the birthday girl’s grandparents).  Patrick Henry’s homestead also housed the famous Michie Tavern which was relocated to it’s present location near Monticello.

Saturday was gorgeous.  Warm and overcast, and just the perfect lighting conditions for some stellar photos

purple flower at Monticello

purple flower at Monticello

At the May Blogaversary Bash, several of you commented about how you’d like to spend your ideal Mother’s Day.  I hope your day was close to your expectations.  Most of you opted for a chore-free day and some personal time to relax.  I’d call that a holiday ANYTIME.

Here’s how I spent mine:

Steve took care of Calvin once he was up and roaring around 7 am so I could sleep in a little (bliss!).  Then, sweet Steve prepared breakfast in bed for me.  It was more like picnic in bed with Steve and Calvin joining me for eggs and bacon.  I don’t know who had more fun, Calvin or us enjoying Calvin having fun eating in bed.  Surprisingly,  it wasn’t a messy picnic.

Then, we took our time getting ready to go to the LATE service at church.  What a joy to take our time in the morning.  Oh, I loved it!

After church, we came home and ate a light lunch.  Calvin quickly turned in for a much desired nap while Steve and I caught up on Season 2 of The Unit (because good shows on military’s black ops are rare and exciting).  Then, Calvin woke up from his nap (so, I never got one).  However, Steve got to snooze until 6pm.  Then, Calvin and I woke him up so we could grill our steaks, and then enjoy a brisk walk before bedtime.

I enjoyed the lovely day at home with family.  I’d love to hear about how you spent your Mother’s Day!

It’s not to late to check out more of the contests at Traveling with Baby’s Blogaversary Bash which is still rockin’ through the end of this month.

–Dr. Dolly

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