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Weekend Update: Short Pump and Richmond

testing the slide in the play areaHope y’all had a great weekend.  I spent Saturday morning making a few meals at Dream Dinners in Short Pump (near Richmond, Virginia).  Later this months on Tuesday Travels, I’ll post more about the time and money-saving dinner prep option that gives families another option to share a meal together at the table.

Since we were already in Short Pump.  We decided to spend some time playing at Short Pump Town Center which has a fun indoor play area in this beautiful outdoor mall.

Calvin made some new friends and ran around to his heart’s content.  When he wasn’t climbing on the squishy play area toys, he was  enthusiastically spinning the beads on the giant mix and match toy.wish this photo came with a sound byte

Caveman roaring and sheer energetic toddler joy was just oozing from all of his pores.

Short Pump Town Center ExpressShort Pump Town Center also has a really cool express train that seats both kids and adults.  For $2 per person, you get a 10 minute ride around the outdoor mall.  Calvin was so used to waving at passersby from the Memorial Day parade, that he was an absolute natural waving from the train.

IMG_5897Next, we headed to the Short Pump Town Center signature fountain which featured large and small pumps (of course!).  We had to restrain Calvin from diving into the cool and inviting waters of the fountain.  However, we let him splash and gaze and point at the bubbling waters until he was satisfied.Short Pump Town Center fountain

We wrapped up the afternoon and evening visiting dear friends who recently welcomed their third son into their family.  Calvin played away the rest of the afternoon with his four-year-old friend while the adults were able to carry on a conversation that was mostly void of interruptions.  Now, I know why parents host playdates.

We loved our day in Richmond, and we all enjoyed hanging out with our friends.  Cal zonked out in the car 5 minutes after he was strapped in, and we had a quiet drive home enjoying the sunset and relishing our relaxing day.  I was even able to get in a much needed nap, too.

Can’t wait to hear about YOUR weekend!


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