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Choosing how to spend my precious time

Life as a working mom may be classified as a juggle, but I’d like to think of it as being very purposeful with my time.  I can choose to spend all of my time focusing on my practice, completely focusing on raising my son, or writing on this blog.  Either way, if I get tunnel vision and completely focus on one thing, everything else gets neglected.  So, it’s more a matter of shifting my focus on a daily or even hourly basis.

Lately, I’ve been more purposeful about setting up specific marketing events for the practice so that I can meet more people in my community.  Otherwise, I feel like I’m either at home or at the office (less frequently, but weekly, I spend time at church or the grocery store).  I never seem to get out of my routine to meet people around town.  Once I’m home for the evening, I seldom leave.  That’s the life of parents with a toddler.

I’ve also been purposeful about setting up blog posts in advance and mapping things out with a schedule.  Being more organized about blogging has helped me stay ahead, stay recharged with ideas, and less frequently hit writer’s block.

As for being a wife and a mom, I definitely make a point for us to eat breakfast and dinner together 99 percent of the time.  We cherish our weekends and savor the time we spend together as a family.  There are also two days a week that I don’t work at the office.  My goal, on those days, is to spend a significant portion of time with my son and get caught up on managing the home.

However, working part-time means that when I do have those days at home, I’m spending almost the entire day working on potty training, doing laundry or dishes, and cleaning up after a toddler.

I feel as though I would get even  more BEHIND if I were to take a breather and “play” with my son.  My toilet cannot wait another week to be neglected, and I haven’t yet vacuumed the floors.

IMG_5949But each morning, when I look at my son, I realize how much he’s grown overnight.  He’s taller, his face more boyish and less babyish, and I realize these precious days are fleeting.

I don’t want to miss it.

How do I manage practicing as a doctor and raising a toddler?  There’s always something that has to go on backburner for a little while.  To be completely honest, it’s usually been the home.  It’s not nearly as tidy and organized as I would prefer.  Just getting the dishes, laundry, and trash taken care of are enough to keep me forever on my toes.  I probably should spend more time reading with my son, dancing with him, singing to him, and playing with his cars and trucks.  I should probably spend more time networking and marketing the practice.

But, there are only 24 hours in a day, and this mom doesn’t want to sacrifice the few hours she does get to sleep to do the endless list of things that need “do-ing”.

Today was a home day–a day away from the office.  I have a huge list of things I need to do for my practice and the blog.

Guess how I spent my day?  I spent almost the entire day playing with my son.  He’s beyond the stage where he’s content to play by himself for hours.  He wants to know where I am at any given moment in the day, and he wants to sit next to me or on my lap.  He wants me to play with him.  I am his best friend.

When Daddy came home today, Calvin was happy to shower him with a few hugs and kisses, but then all he wanted to do was hang out with his Mama.

IMG_6074These days are fleeting.  One day too soon he’ll no longer care to hang out with me or snuggle with me while I read him stories.  Something tells me I’d better savor these precious memories before he grows up.

The floors can be vacuumed another day.   Today, I’m going to hang out with my son.

–By Dr. Dolly

One Response

  1. You said: “Once I’m home for the evening, I seldom leave. That’s the life of parents with a toddler.”

    That’s so true. We rarely go out after 7:00 p.m.

    But, you know what? I like being home in the company of the people I love most – my husband and 2 sweet girls.

    P.S. My house is kind of a mess too. After all, I can’t be a mommy, wife, a blogger, a business person, a block-builder and bubble-blower and popsicle-eater…AND a perfect housewife. Something’s gotta give…

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