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Weekend Update: Celebrating Independence

We chose to celebrate our Independence Day weekend free of modern conveniences by going camping–at least for one night.  Everything was packed up and ready to go, and we headed out after we closed up the office on Thursday evening.  This was our second camping trip with our toddler in two weeks; you can read about our first trip.

This time, we ventured to a little known area where it’s permissible to have campfires.

Camping in Madison county, Virginia

Camping in Madison County, Virginia

We waded in the chilly river fed by mountain streams.  Calvin thoroughly enjoyed the water, and he would have stayed in until his feet were numb, but I thought better of it.  I swooped him out of the water once his teeth were chattering and his lips turned almost a purply blue.  He protested with an awful fit, but we ran up to the fire where Daddy was preparing hot dogs.

Wading in the Rapidan River

Wading in the Rapidan River

Calvin was so hungry, he almost grasped them from the package before I could skewer and heat them up.  He’s a fanatic when he gets hungry.

We taught Calvin to spit out his cherry pits  Up until this weekend, he’d swallow them along with the cherry.

IMG_6362He slept in until almost 9:30AM, although he had a terrible time falling asleep.  He could quite find a comfortable spot, although he tried to drift asleep lying on top of my belly at least 20 times before he rolled off.  He finally snoozed between Steve and me, but only after pointing to the top of the tent and admiring the stars through the treetops.

Peaceful slumber in a tent

Peaceful slumber in a tent

Overall, we liked the camping much better at established primitive camping sites next to the Rapidan River than creating our own camping spots on rocky ground in Shenandoah National Park.

The weather was cool and practically bug-free.  We’re looking forward to more camping later this summer.


On Saturday, we played at a local pool, Fry’s Spring Beach Club.  It has an Olympic-sized lap pool, a medium-sized kid pool that only goes to a four-foot depth, and a wading pool for toddlers that maxes out at 1 1/2 feet.

Fry's Spring pool in Charlottesville

Fry's Spring medium-sized pool in Charlottesville

Last summer, Calvin played in the pool with pure, sweet joy.  He had a natural inclination to kick and play with no fear of the water.

His reaction wasn’t quite the same this year.

It’s been a little too long since his last experience in water where he can’t reach the bottom.  He gripped on to my neck for dear life and didn’t do much kicking.

In fact, he suffered a few face plants in the wading pool which wasn’t fun for his nose or throat.  However, once the water warmed up, and once he saw other kids splashing and diving, he realized it wasn’t that bad.

Can’t wait to get him back in later this week.

IMG_6382We wore the poor guy out by spending a lot of time in the water.  Calvin’s wearing the long-sleeved UV Skinz Jesse.  I did a review and giveaway on UV Skinz last month.

We had to wake him up from his late afternoon nap for dinner and then a drive to Charlottesville High School where we walked over to McIntire Park to view what may be the last year the spectacular fireworks show is displayed (it’s the second largest display in Virginia).

Camping gear is great for viewing fireworks in comfort.  We reclined on our Ridge Rest pads and a sleeping bag.  Calvin rested his head in the crook of his Daddy’s arm, and we looked up to see the brilliant colors and dynamic pops and crackles overhead.

We got home around 10:30 PM, well after Calvin’s bedtime.  Hey, Independence Day only happens once a year.

Our 3 1/2 day weekend was spectacular.  How was yours?


One Response

  1. Looks like you spent some quality time with your family!

    What’d you celebrate on the fourth? I celebrate the 3 freedoms, Feel free to leave a response!

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