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Weekend Update: Runners, Balloons, and Tigers. Oh, My!

Calvin’s been gnawing on his fingers all week long.  The chewing combined with excessive fussiness, picky eating, and constantly needing mommy to hold him tells me that he must certainly be teething.

Here we go again!

Two year-old molars are the next to surface, and I hope they don’t take months and months to break through the gums.  I don’t know if Calvin Steve and I can take it!

I packed away my mei tai carrier a couple months ago since Calvin’s running and jumping and yearning for more and more independence all the time.  But, this week, I rummaged through every bin and shelf until I located it.  Babywearing my teething toddler has been such a sanity check in the early evening while I’m trying to prepare dinner.

Saturday morning, I woke up very early to make it to the University of Virginia track by 7:15 A.M. to set up a table for the Women’s Four-Miler Training Program.  I was cordially invited (representing my chiropractic practice) to attend to answer questions about running injuries, stretches, and other similar inquiries.  This super-energized program is mostly geared to helping new or first-time runners safely and effectively train for 11 weeks to complete a four mile race.  Proceeds from the event raise money for breast cancer research.

There were over 1000 women at the track early on Saturday morning doing their run or walk workout, stretching out together and listening to pumped up music blaring over loud speakers.  This phenomenal program is currently led by the friendly and mega-energetic Joan Esposito.

Joan Esposito at the Women's Four Miler Training Program on the UVa track

Joan Esposito at the Women's Four Miler Training Program on the UVa track

That morning, I left the home before my son awoke.

Once I got home, Steve told me that he took Calvin with him to the City Market to buy produce and grass-fed beef.  Calvin was grumpy and fussy, and he said “Mama” non-stop.

So, what happened once I walked into the door to greet him?

Nothing.  He looked up casually as if to say, “Oh, you’re here now.  Whatever.”  Then, he kept playing with his toy cars.  If his world was falling apart because I wasn’t around, he certainly wasn’t going to let me know it.

However, he didn’t have another fussy meltdown for the rest of the day.  So, I guess that’s a plus.

We breakfasted together as a family, then Steve dashed off to complete some tree cutting work.  Meanwhile, Calvin and I attended the fun and lively open house of the UVA Child Development Labs.  Calvin had participated in some studies earlier in the summer, but it was loads of fun to play with balloons and bubbles, listen to live music, finger paint, and eat yummy snacks.

Up and away at UVA's CDL

Up and away at UVA's CDL

Pssst.  It’s free to sign up your child ages 0-10 to participate in studies that help the psychology undergraduate and graduate students.  I was a psychology major in undergraduate, and I would have loved to observe or learn from studies with children instead of solely reading about childhood learning through a textbook.  The tests are short, usually playtime fun, and you get to observe your child the entire time!

Calvin's first tattooWhen Calvin got his first temporary tatoo, he didn’t know quite what to do with it.  He sorta scratched at it and looked puzzled.  I told him it was a Tiger booboo.  That seemed to make sense to him.

finger painting at the UVA CDL open houseHands down (no pun intended), Calvin’s favorite activity of the day was the finger painting.  He kept running back to the table, butting in front of other kids and smashing his hands on the table.  I think I’ll look up a recipe to create washable homemade finger paints so we can continue the fun at home.

Old Time Music received a standing ovation from Calvin

Old Time Music received a standing ovation from Calvin

Calvin had a busy day with us.  I love the free family fun in Charlottesville!  Hope y’all had a great weekend.

Tell me what you did with your family!

–By Dr. Dolly
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