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Puddle Bug

TwB kickball shoes

Calvin likes to use a kickball that’s just his size.  He shuffles it around the backyard for awhile before resorting to picking it up and throwing it.  He might enjoy playing soccer one day.

TwB puddleIn the evenings, after we’re lathered in lemon balm and eucalyptus-based bug spray, we love to go on family walks to unwind.  On our rather quiet street, Calvin likes to tromp on manholes, sniff every single flower, and stomp around in puddles.  He’s a guy that wants to live life to the fullest and explore every little thing.

TwB puddle shoesThe great thing about his new suede shoes by Pediped Flex is that even with dirt and puddle mud, they were a cinch to clean with a little water and hand soap.  That means that he can continue to enjoy his puddles, and I don’t have to fret about keeping his shoes (and my floors) clean.  Calvin is wearing the Jake in Light Brown.

Even though the Pediped Flex shoes are sturdier with more sole protection than the soft-soled Originals collection, they still offer a great amount of flexibility and size adaptibility with a removable padded cushion for extra room in the toe box.

Pediped’s new fall and winter line for 2009 features 27 new styles for the original and flex styles.  Pediped has also begun a partnership with the No Slippy Hair Clippy where clips match and complement the shoe styles in the new line.  The clippies will be available online and retail for $8.  Now you can dress your little sweetie from head to toe in total cuteness.

Couture_Rocks1If you have a little princess who’s less apt to splash through muddy puddles, and rather twirl around on her toes, Pediped’s new Couture Collection is ideal for little girls who love pretty shoes.  Their four safari-themed styles with vibrant colors and fun textures are available in a limited edition this fall/winter. I’m drooling over the hot-pink leather shoes with velcro straps that would look deliciously delightful on my adorable 4-month-old niece!  These beautiful shoes are available for $42.  Perfect for the holiday season.

pedipedlogoYou can buy your little runner or fashionista a pair from the new fall line directly from Pediped’s site.  The Fall/Winter 2009 collection features shoes ranging in price from $32 for Originals (crawlers and cruising babies) and $44 – $59 for Flex (babies and toddlers that are ready to actively amble outdoors).  If you’re one of the first 10 people to e-mail a photo of your child in one of the new styles to Pediped, you could win a pair of new shoes!

–By Dr. Dolly
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2 Responses

  1. Those shoes are adorable…Im getting all nostalgic for when my son was that little… but the boys cuter than the shoes 🙂


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