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Charlottesville Life

Just over a week ago, Calvin’s grandparents and cousin M came to town to visit and take Calvin on adventures in the local area.  We had a crowded apartment, but a fun visit.  Calvin was so entertained, that I was able to make it to several networking events.

My friend Elisa of ElisaB Photography invited me to a girlfriend-networking event hosted by SuzySaid.com at Millmont Grill.

ElisaB (with baby Lucian) & Dr. Dolly at the SuzySaid event - we match!ElisaB (and baby Lucian) with Dr. Dolly at the SuzySaid.com event.  We match!

There were yummy appetizers and lots of galpal networking in a small group of entrepreneurial women.  What a blast!

SuzySaidAmy of SuzySaid.com

SuzySaid.com (Amy) was a great hostess who shared some of Millmont Grill’s best appetizer’s with us–they collected school supplies for children in need as part of the event.

I also met Jenee Libby of Edible CVille who writes a fab food blog.  I also met Jennifer Hamlin of Events with Panache–Jennifer is planning the grand opening bash for my practice Spinal Health & Wellness.  I’m so excited about this!

The next evening, I attended C-Ville’s Best of 2009 bash in a parking garage in downtown Charlottesville.  I guess the location was appropriate since  the Charlottesville Derby Dames was the featured entertainment.

Charlottesville Derby DamesCheck out these tough gals on wheels.  I love the descriptive blurb in their program:

By day we are mothers, nurses, teachers, vets, bartenders, artists and more; by night we are rock stars on wheels, passionate about a sport that combines athleticism, showmanship, firece competition, and a mischievous good time.

Talk about having an alternate personality on the track!

I enjoyed the organic apple cider donuts and organic sno-cones–yes there IS such a thing, and Carpe Donut has them in CVille.  Seriously, the best donuts I’ve ever had.  If there is such a sugary thing to splurge on, well, this is it!

Carpe Donut

Dr. Dolly enjoying an organic grape snoconeI hadn’t had a snocone in a decade, and I felt like a kid again.  That’s why I was wearing a flashing jelly ring and light-up plastic guitar necklace.  The free swag was lots of fun, but I ended up sharing it with my very cool niece and very cute son.

After I left the party, I joined up with my family on the Downtown Mall to get some real food.  Okay, it was pizza with mozzarella, fresh tomato slices, and fresh basil, but that’s better than downing donuts and hotdogs (a.k.a. not real food).

We cruised the mall stopping to enjoy live music along the way like a barbershop quartet.

Barbershop Quartet on Charlottesville's Downtown MallThen, we ran into a guy with a 150 pound boa constrictor.  It was beautiful, but it looked very heavy.  If I ever think carrying my toddler around is a stress on my back, I can’t imagine how this guy must feel.

Man with 150-pound boa constrictor15 year-old snakeThe proud owner let us touch the snake’s back.  Calvin thought it was cool, but he was a little freaked out.  When he’s older, I think he’ll totally dig snakes.


Psst.  Stay tuned for some fun giveaways in the next couple of weeks.  Also, on Labor Day, I’m starting a new feature on amazing and inspiring women.  Can’t wait for y’all to check it out.  So, stay tuned!

–By Dr. Dolly
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