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Slight interruption in regular programming

My laptop is currently Killed in Action (KIA)–that action was the moment I fired it up so that I could back up my data.  Thanks again to the wonderful mess of Windows and automatic updates.

Uhm. Well, didn’t get to back up the data.  We’re doing our best to follow the recommendations from customer service to get the hard drive to connect for one brief moment–just so I can back up those precious photos of my little guy, those brochures I’d created for the office, and so much more.  At the moment, they’re irretrievable.

Usually, I’m pretty good about doing weekly back-ups.  But, I’ve been under the gun to get things done for this blog and my practice.  Working until 1 AM most nights…and working 9 to 10 hour days at the practice.  I haven’t run a back-up for 2 months.  I was barely able to get the dishes washed and the laundry washed (if not necessarily folded).

Yes, I’ve most certainly learned my lesson…in the most painful way.

Back up once a week, or more frequently.  I did that initially, but somehow, it totally escaped my mind, and here we are with a less than reliable platform and a corrupted hard drive that won’t even allow us to get to the appropriate screen where we might possibly run some sort of back-up.

Yes, I only recently learned that this is happening globally with Windows updates.  Wish I’d learned that fact, oh say, 3 days ago.

There are files I can re-create, but the photos from the past two months are gone.  Poof!

I think that’s what aches the most.

Strangely though, I’m especially calm about this whole ordeal.

Yes, I had press releases ready to go that I must now re-create the perfect wording from scratch.  Ouch.  Yes, I have an article due to a major magazine in 3 days, and I’m behind on several writing projects because of my computer meltdown.

Yet somehow, I haven’t flipped out about it.

My family is safe and healthy.  I have probably months of work ahead of me to re-create files.  Yet, I know it’s going to be okay.

Technology really is a blessing and a curse.  Today, it’s more like a curse.

So, please excuse me if I don’t post a Tuesday Travels post today.  I hope to have that column up and running again next week.

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3 Responses

  1. You can try booting past the hard drive using a LiveCD. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_CD) It doesn’t need to be Windows-based in order to read/see/copy/save the files, as long as the hard drive itself is accessible, so free linux distributions will work just fine. You might even be able to fix whatever is ailing the OS if you can pinpoint where the problem is.

    Not that backing up regularly isn’t a great idea…

    Good luck!

  2. I feel for you Dolly! Although we lost our last computer to old age when the hard drive went, it was painful! Do you think you would upgrade to Windows 7?
    Hope you’re able to retrieve your info!

  3. What happens when you try to boot it up, i used to work tech support for Gateway, Dell and microsoft i may be able to help, especially if your issue is due to the windows updates. Please email me so i can see if i can help.

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