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Birthday Party in the Woods

We celebrated Calvin’s birthday a little early by going on a camping trip with his grandparents (Poppy and Mimi) in early October.  It was the same week as Poppy’s birthday, so we had double birthday fun by pitching tents, roasting brats on a campfire, and spotlighting crawfish and minnows in the Rapidan River after nightfall.

camping fun TwBThis photo of Calvin and Steve cracks me up.  Steve’s expression says it all as I snuck up on a Daddy-son moment with my camera flash.

Hotdog1 TwB

Calvin downed one and one-half  “healthy” and nitrate-free hot dogs wrapped in pita.  He also consumed a lot of carrots and hummus as well as yummy trail mix.

Camping Calvin & Mommy TwBThe next morning, I awoke to find my son tromping around in his fleece pajamas and boots.  Calvin and his Daddy found a salamander and it was running all over their arms and bellies.

Steve told me what had just happened.  So, when Calvin came to the tent to excitedly tell me a bunch of words in toddlerese (complete with hand motions describing the salamander travels across his chest and arms), I nodded and repeated back to him what I understood he had said.

Of course when Calvin said “frog” he totally meant “salamander”.  He was so pleased that I understood his story and shared his excitement.

Rapidan River TwB

I love this photo.  I just want to cuddle his cuteness forever.  Calvin found the water irresistible for splashing and stomping.  I couldn’t stop looking at him!

On the actually anniversary of Calvin’s birthday, we’ll do a few things to make the day extra special for him.  We’re not planning a big production, just an intimate and meaningful day for the three of us.

I’ll share with you the special things we do with our son on the 30th.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for some birthday bash giveaways on Traveling with Baby leading up to Calvin’s special day.  We’d love it if you’d celebrate with us!

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2 Responses

  1. Steve totall has that look on his face “what the heck?” LOL

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! They grow up so fast!!!..we just celebrated Noah’s 2nd too.

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