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Calvin’s Birthday Bash: Day 1

Calvin SmileI get to look at this precious face every day.  When he crinkles his nose in a smile, I can’t help but let the tensions of the day melt away as my face beams at his.

My son joins me at the office when I work three days a week.  On other days, we play together at the playground, in the back yard, or in the living room.

There is always music.

The soundtrack of our time together is full of laughter, applause, and clogging…well, at least foot-stomping.

As a nod to the year of my son’s birth, we’ve been jamming to Putumayo Kids’ 2007 release of Animal Playground.

animal playground

Picking our favorite tracks on this album wasn’t easy because there are so many marvelous musical treasures including a rip-roaring Italian version of Old MacDonald, Nella Vecchia Fattoria by Quartetto Cetra.  My heart soars from the ethereal beauty of The Littlest Birds by the Canadian band The Be Good Tanyas.  I enjoy grooving to the Latin and jazz rhythms produced with children’s voices and giggles in L’Otorhinocéros by the French group Les P’tits Loups du Jazz.

Putumayo Kids’ Animal Playground is on repeat in our CD player.  It’s the perfect album for a scenic drive, a birthday party, an afternoon of arts and crafts, or a living room dance floor.

Calvin’s favorite track: #1 Animal Crackers ~ Wee Hairy Beasties

Dr. Dolly’s favorite track: #11 Eagles ~ Terri Hendrix

Calvin’s Dad’s favorite track: #12 If A Dinosaur Was My Friend ~ Phil Melancon

The enhanced CD also includes a video for Asheba’s spirited Caribbean arrangement of the “No More Monkeys!” song.

Animal Playground retails for $14.99 on Amazon.com.  A portion of Putumayo World Music’s proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society in support of its activities that save wildlife and wild lands.


putumayo kids logoOne winner will receive a copy of Putumayo Kids’ Animal Playground album.

To enter, leave a comment relevant to this post before Sunday, November 5th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the contest rules all generic comments are ineligible.).  At $14.99, Animal Playground is a wonderful gift for a birthday.prizeypick

For more in-the-know fun on Putumayo World Music new releases, artist interviews, and more you can follow them on Twitter, and become a Putumayo World Music fan on Facebook.


I want to know…what kind of music do you enjoy together as a family?

Thank you to Putumayo Kids for providing a sample copy of Animal Playground CD for the purpose of this review.


Congrats to #13, Jill L.

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33 Responses

  1. we also enjoy putamayo kids! my daughter has been going to music together classes since she was about 6 months old and we love their series as well. happy beginning birthday bash to calvin, looking forward to the other posts! i should ask what kind of activities does calvin do when he is at work with you during the wekk? i was very impressed that a toddler was able to do that!

    • Carlita, usually he plays with his cars, dinosaurs, and eats non-stop. Sometimes he busies himself with books. He does like to “help” in the rehab room–he puts knee rests under patients’ legs when they’re on the therapy table. Some of our patients use therapy for an extended period of time (30 minutes)–so we have G-rated movies playing. Sometimes he pulls up a chair in the rehab room and watches movies with patients.

  2. I love the crinkle nose smiles. My daughter is 22 months, and thats her favorite face right now. All the pictures lately she cocks her head to the side and gives me the crinkle nose smile. The time goes so fast. Happy birthday to your little one, and soon my will be turning 2!

  3. OoooOoo Oooh! I ‘d love this! We have the Putumayo Picnic Playground one – and I always play it while he eats!! haha

  4. My son and I love a variety of music! Our favorites right now are the Putumayo Kids Picnic Playground and Milkshake’s Great Day CD!

  5. My kids like reggae and rock.

  6. I remember Putumayo music from way back when my teenage boys were kids. I haven’t listened to their music in years, but your giveaway reminded me to dig out the old tapes and play them for my 5 year old. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Following Putumayo on FB.

  8. how friendly this would be mverno@roadrunner.com

  9. My family likes Christmas music the best and also Kidz Bopp.

  10. I love that it features so many different styles of music – great global influences!

  11. I would love to get this for my daughter she loves music and loves to dance this would be so much fun to listen to with her

  12. I would love to have this Puntomayo kids CD! I love that it would introduce different cultural music!

  13. We have a few Puntomayo kids CDs and enjoy listening to music from around the world. My 10 year old loves to listen to jazz and new age and I listen to a lot of Christian music.

  14. Jack enjoys his Silly songs and farm animal songs CD’s and loves to fall asleep to Enya. He would love to ad more variety with Puntomayo kids, they sound fantastic!

  15. Oh my nephew would love this! He loves farm animals.

  16. We like kids bop.

  17. We’re big fans of Putamayo (French and/or Reggae Playground, a local kids’ band called Rocknoceros, and classic Raffi!

  18. The soundtracks to “Annie” and “The Sound of Music”!

  19. We love Putumayo kids! The French and Latin playground CDs are our favorites!

  20. my daughter is about to turn 1 and i would love this for her, i’d love to watch her smile as she listens

  21. We love everything from silly kids music to 80’s pop to death metal (we sound like bad parents here lol)

  22. My kids love Putamayo cds! thanks so much for the contest!

  23. Putamayo is one of our favorites. we really enjoy the music!

  24. My daughter loves to dance to music with a nice beat, so we particularly enjoy world music.

  25. My granddaughters just love the music on the Putamayo cd’s. I’ve built a nice collection for them, giving them as gifts for birthdays and holidays. They adore the reggae music especially, but also groove to salsa and traditional African rhythms. I love salsa too and bought for myself the “Salsa Around The World” cd by Putamayo. I’ve given the Putamayo Lullabye cd as a baby gift and it’s always much appreciated.
    Both of the girls attended Music Together classes..which the little one still does, and lucky for me once a year I get to attend a class. Such fun!
    Children have natural rhythm, and pick up things so quickly they are more than happy to play their little instruments or sing a new song.
    Long live Putamayo music! For both the young and the old(er)!

  26. We like the other Putumayo albums too

  27. We like to listen to oldies music!

  28. I am due with my first baby in April and have been trying to find kids music that I can use in the car. I’ll have to try this out!

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