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Calvin’s Birthday Bash: Day 4

Two creative moms with a heart for designing eco-friendly and modern play clothes for trendy tots created Jasper Hearts Wren.  These mamas use bright and colorful washable felt appliques made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles on purdy dresses, irresistible totes, and the most adorable onesies.

JasperHeartsWren2I adore the eye-popping designs from the rocket ship, and skinny-legged birdies with button eyes, to the funky fridge magnet hoodie (featured above on Calvin).

The Fridge Mag Hoodie has “A-B-C” hand-stitched on the front and “1-2-3” on the back.  The design is available in the chocolate hoodie (shown above) and navy.  I love that it fits long on my tall-torso-toddler, so that he can still wear it in the spring.  The fuzzy, soft cotton-interior is snuggly and warm on chilly Autumn days.  Hoodies are available in sizes 2T-6T.

pandaI’m almost hurting to have another little one, just so I can put a baby in this adorable felt panda onesie.  Onesies/tee shirts are available 3-6M to 6T.  Dress sizes range from 6-12M to 3T, except for the one-size fits all apron dress.

When you support this mom-owned business, you support American workers (read: no sweatshop labor) in this green and humane business.

In Charlottesville, you can find Jasper Hearts Wren modern play clothing at Whimsies on Barracks Shopping Mall (North).  For a complete selection, you can purchase Jasper Hearts Wren clothing and apparel directly from their site.

The prices are a little high with felt onesies beginning at $30 ranging up to $65 for a dress.  However, all items are hand-stitched, American made, and eco-friendly–worth the investment to support high-quality and beautiful modern play clothing.


jasper-hearts-wrenOne winner will receive a Fridge Magnets Hoodie (retail value $48).  Hoodie size is subject to availability.  To enter, leave a comment relevant to this post before Sunday, November 5th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the contest rulesprizeypickall generic comments are ineligible.).  Eco-friendly, hand-stitched, and novel play clothes for the modern child–I’m in love.

For more in-the-know fun on Jasper Hearts Wren you can become a fan on Facebook.


I want to know…what features are important to you in children’s clothing?  Quality, durability, design, price–what’s most valuable to you and why?

Thank you to Jasper Hearts Wren for providing a Fridge Mag Hoodie for the purpose of this review.


Congratulations to the winner, #2 Leslie.

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23 Responses

  1. How adorable! I love any clothing for kids that doesn’t look like EVERYTHING else. Have some quirks and character, and be soft, durable, and able to be worn over and over.


  2. I am glad to support American made clothes and the hoodie is perfect for NC weather! It’s not usually cold enough to need a heavy coat, but you definitely need a hoodie-type jacket! I love the originality of the clothes!

  3. i definitely agree with the above post that uniqueness is important, i like cute things, but not the cheesy gender stereotypes you usually see. it is also important to me that things be well made and durable. especially when you think of things that will hopefully be able to be worn by a sibling or sold for consignment down the rode. i usually go for anything all cotton, rather than synthetic fabrics. i completely agree with you on the uber adorableness on the clothes from jasper hearts wren!

  4. Okay….I’m in trouble! I love their stuff! Of course, I took a peak at the dresses…that halter dress is seriously cute!

    I also love that it’s a mom business. I try to support them as much as I can.


  5. I will always willingly pay a little more for quality. Durability is essential in children’s clothes but they must be fun too.

  6. I like the fact that they are handstitched and made in the US. I feel it’s important to start looking towards home for products and companies that have been overlooked for cheaper and lower quality versions. Plus anything that is durable enough for my boys gets an A+ in my book.

  7. Definately price and durability…I want the longest wear for a cheap price.

  8. I think price is the biggest factor in my kids’ clothes. They grow so fast, I just can’t keep up and buying way pricey clothes is just pointless, imo.

  9. Wow, such a cute clothing site!! I love and need Durability and quality. My girls are rough and i can’t afford to keep buying new clothes! I like to pay a little extra for clothes that will go the distance!

    grayjones5 at yahoo dot com

  10. The halter dress is really cute!

  11. Durability is the most important part of my sons clothing because he can sure put em’ thru some tough stuff.

  12. Adorable sweatshirt! I love sweatshirts for Jack, they are so versatile.

    I love eco-friendly, clothing of all natural, safe materials, however price matters the most these days, especially when Jack will outgrow his clothes shortly.

  13. The ABC hoodie in Navy is so cute. I also love the Apron dress in Camden 😀

  14. Oh my goodness those are cute. I’m always looking for boys clothes that don’t scream TRUCK DINO SPORTS BOY BOY BOY all over them – that hoodie fits the mark perfectly.

  15. definitely durability. And price since they outrow them so quickly.

  16. I love boys clothes that don’t have words all over them! Very cute, modern design!

  17. I really like well made and sturdy children’s clothes. Living in AK, lots of clothes don’t cut it in our harsh climate. These are so cute as well!

  18. I like creative designs, prefer to support indie designers, and clothes that will hold up well for play!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  19. How adorable! Style and price are probably my top two qualifications when I look for kids’ clothes. I have girls but am just not into frilly stuff so I want things that are comfortable and casual but still keep them looking cute. These clothes are so great!

  20. I look for design & durability for my son. There’s much not variety for boys so I appreciate anything that is unique & will last a long time!

  21. Those onesies are really cute. I really like style, but also look for durability.

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