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Calvin’s 2nd Birthday: A Bear for Breakfast

Two years ago, our son was born at 5:06 AM, at home with my husband, midwife, and sister-in-law present.

Two years ago, he looked like this:

calvin cropped header-1Twelve months later, he was transformed into baby-toddler sweetness:

Calvin-12 MonthsToday, he is two.


I got myself out of bed extra early to prepare a special birthday breakfast for our family before my husband had to rush out the door for work.

A Bear for Breakfast

Calvin woke up when he heard the mixer whirring while I was whipping up pancake batter (buckwheat pancakes with acorn squash and cinnamon–to be specific).  I used a squeeze bottle to make a few fun shapes, and we ended up with a bear with raisin eyes, served with huckleberry syrup on the side.

Calvin roared like a bear when he saw it.  Then, he gobbled it all up, followed by a bowl of plain yogurt–chased by a colostrum protein/greens/omega-3 shake.

Breakfast2 TwBLater that morning, Calvin and I went to a Mainly Music class at our church–almost every child present was in costume.  While standing at the front of the gym, everyone sang a special birthday song to Calvin while he danced and squealed and received a cool birthday book.  The class is our weekly Friday date, but it was definitely extra-special this morning.

Today, Calvin wore a his borrowed bee costume for the third time this week.  It was a blast attending the biggest birthday party EVAH!

Lawn with Mama3 TwB

Okay, so I didn’t really plan a big birthday party, but costumed children were invited to participate in candy giveaways on the University of Virginia lawn.  Balloons, costumes, juggling, free books, face painting, s’mores…I mean seriously…this doesn’t happen every day.  I think our little guy felt pretty special.

Calvin the Bee TwBHe is seriously cute. The cutest bee I’ve ever seen, actually.

Mr. Bee was a little overwhelmed with the thousands of people at the lawn.  I’m not kidding when I tell you there was a large crowd.

lawn crowdCalvin and I both got our faces painted.  He only relented once he saw me get my face painted first.  Prior to that, there was back-arching and yowling.  After I had a turn, there was complete and utter submission.

face paint1 TwBThen, he helped his Daddy roast s’mores  marshmallows in the amphitheater.

smores2 TwB

Only because it was his birthday (and we did allow a s’mores taste during his 1st birthday), we allowed him to have a couple bites of the s’mores treat.  He’d already consumed an apple prior, so at least he was full on something beneficial.

Tonight, we had a more intimate family birthday celebration at dinner.  I prepared my son’s favorite dinner–grass-fed beef burgers with green onions and avocado served with a side of peas and baked french fries.

I didn’t make a birthday cake nor cupcakes.  Instead, I went to Hotcakes and purchased their signature chocolate chip-walnut pumpkin muffins.  It was perfect for this…

birthday muffinAnd this…

birthday muffin2

You don’t want to miss a 23-second video of Calvin blowing out his birthday candle.

We’re so thankful for God’s blessing of Calvin in our lives for yet another year.  Here’s to many more!

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6 Responses

  1. It looks like it was a wonderful day!! Happy Birthday sweet Calvin!!

  2. That is awesome! Happy birthday Calvin!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Calvin!! Sounds like you had a fun filled day with mom and dad! Jack will have to try out your favorite pancakes – they sound yummy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your 2-year-old! Two is such a fun age. Enjoy all of those sweet moments. 🙂

    I had forgotten that you had a home birth. That is awesome. If you are planning to have more children, do you think you will go that route again?

    Final comment: I’m intrigued by your buckwheat pancakes with acorn squash and cinnamon. You should share the recipe sometime…

  5. Dr. Dolly,

    What is your colostrum protein/greens/omega-3 shake?

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