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Traveling While Pregnant

tuesday-travelsWelcome to Tuesday Travels, a weekly series at Traveling with Baby.  This season, my son and I are excited about sharing some local day trips and field trip ideas for families with little ones.  This weekly series will also feature travel tips for families with kids-in-tow and related product reviews and giveaways.  I enjoy hearing about your traveling adventures, too.

Traveling with baby doesn’t begin after their born – it starts as soon as you are pregnant and continues for quite some time! I’m now 38 weeks into my pregnancy (almost at the end!) and so I thought I’d share a few tips for the road for other expecting moms out there. Most of this information is common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to write it down.

On the road …

  • Plan Your Breaks. You will have to stop to use the restroom, so go ahead and build time for it while you’re traveling in the car. Get out and stretch, walk around a bit, use the facilities, etc.
  • Bring Water. I hate to be thirsty in general, and have been especially thirsty while pregnant, so pack water, pregnancy tea, or some kind of liquid to consume on the road. You can also freeze it in advance if you want it to remain cold on longer travels.
  • Pack Snacks. I have made several long trips since conception, and I have to say that this was an important point for me. When I had to pull over to purchase food I continuously made poor nutritional decisions, against all my best intentions. So, to keep my budget and my diet in check, I started packing my snacks. Take nuts, granola, fruit and veggies to keep yourself from impulse purchases like muffins, cookies and chips that present themselves at gas stations.

DSC_3645As you’re packing, don’t forget …

  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Clothes that pull double duty (maternity wear can take up much more room in a suitcase than regular clothes)
  • Comfy shoes
  • More snacks! (especially if trying to eat healthy while traveling from place to place or staying at someone’s house when their diet is different from yours).

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