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Tuesday Travels: Happy Holiday Traveling

tuesday-travelsTraveling during the holidays can make me … well, let’s just say less than full of good cheer. I try to follow a few guidelines to keep me, and my friends and family merry and bright.

  • Pack conservatively. It’s tempting to bring all those shoes you think you’ll need, but you will not want to pack and unpack or tote them from place to place. Take a few minutes, really think about the events you’ll be attending, and try to limit the number of things you’ll place on your back as you leave the house.
  • Leave early. I haven’t figured out exactly when the rush happens on the road, so I leave early assuming it will always be when I’m on the road. Whether you’re going to visit family for days or going to a holiday party, you can almost always arrive a few minutes early and kindly offer to help with last-minute preparations.  This policy keeps me from being flustered on the road because I’m late, and from looking like an inconsiderate guest.
  • Think about the little things. I’ll often keep an extra reusable bag in the car throughout the year for errands, etc. During the holiday season I keep a sturdier crate or basket in the car as well, so that little gifts and carefully wrapped items don’t get lost or crushed amidst larger things.
  • Final flourishes. I wait to put the final touches on gifts until we get there. I can’t tell you how many times I crushed bows that I’d carefully made only the night before because of traveling. In an effort to bring a pretty gift and a face unclouded by disappointment, I now polish off my wrapping jobs once we’ve reached our final destination.

One Response

  1. Great post! We will be visiting family for 2 whole weeks this year. There was a time in my life where I would have brought a new outfit for all 14 of those days.

    Those days are GONE!

    We’re traveling with a baby, and we’re going to bring just a few days’ worth of clothes and we’ll just do laundry frequently while we are there (we’d have to be washing the baby’s clothes, anyway!). I’ve also realized that it is much more wise for me to buy a package of diapers when I get there rather than trying to pack 2 weeks worth of diapers.

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