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For Her: Bamboo Gardening Gloves by Ethel

Back in January, Ethel’s gardening gloves were featured on Traveling with Baby.  I’ve enjoyed wearing my Signature pair while driving.  I’ve also worn them while planting of tomatoes and herbs in our backyard in the spring and summer.

Just when you think a company has reached a high tier in forms of function and design in creating a great product–they suddenly surpass greatness and arrive at something even better and more eco-friendly.

Ethel’s latest additions include two styles of gloves made from bamboo with synthetic leather (NOT suede) palms.

These beauties are available in black with a caramel palm ($26) and off-white ($16) with new colors for spring and fall in the design-works.  The gloves are available in small, medium, and large.

Ordering from Ethel means you don’t even have to bother with gift wrap–truly, Ethel’s got packaging down to an artful science.  Look at the inside of the box of gloves (the outside was equally pretty): full color photographs on the box flaps, beautiful cards next to gorgeous gloves.If you (or your gift recipient) joins the Ethel master gardener program, you’ll receive a sneak preview on any newly released products.

As a “thank you for reviewing,” Ethel sent me a beautiful trowel with a wood handle designed by DeWitt.  Just look at how stunning this looks…I can’t wait to try it out in the spring!

Ethel gloves are a wonderful gift for the green-thumb gal.  Go eco-friendly by choosing the bamboo designs.  But, if those aren’t your thing, check out the numerous styles of gloves for women (and kids!).


One winner  will receive a pair of black Bamboo gloves by Ethel (retail value $26).  For the latest news and product releases from Ethel, follow them on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

To enter, leave a comment relevant to this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m.  Please follow the contest rules and avoid any generalized comments, or you will be disqualified.

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: complete a quick 10-question reader demographic survey. Then, leave a second comment telling me that you did.

FOR A THIRD ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about the Holiday Gift Guide (or about this giveaway), then leave a second comment telling me that you tweeted or blogged with a link to your tweet/post.

A pair of bamboo Ethel gloves and DeWitt trowel were provided for the purpose of this review and giveaway.  Read Traveling with Baby’s complete disclosure policy.

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UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner, #20 Julie L.

23 Responses

  1. I bought a pair of Ethel gardening gloves earlier this year and absolutely love them!!

  2. I buy the cheap garden gloves that always tear and end up having to throw them away and buy new ones but for some reason cannot convince myself to invest in a nicer pair, this would be a great pair of gloves to own.

  3. I took the 10-question reader demographic survey.

  4. I’m always looking for a better pair of gardening gloves. I have at least 3 around the house now. I’d love to have a pair of Ethel gloves.

  5. I took the demographic survey.

  6. I have gone through several pairs of gardening gloves. These would last longer than my previous pairs. Love to try them. Thank you

  7. I never thought I needed gardening gloves until this past summer when I did a lot more gardening than usual and my hands suffered. I’d love to try a pair of these. Thanks!

  8. Mmmmm. . . fabrics! I love so many of them, but I just might choose the C002. Thanks!

  9. These are beautiful. I started gardening this year and loved it. I also need some good gloves and these would be perfect.

  10. took the survey

  11. The post was interesting and informative but I couldn’t see the pictures.

  12. Our backyard is a hot mess, and the gloves I have right now are even worse! I’d love to snag this pair as we look towards spring!

  13. I filled out your survey!

  14. It’s December and I’m already thinking about gardening in the spring. I want to work up to having my whole back yard be a vegetable and herb garden and have my front yard be edible flowers and plants. The gloves would be perfect for my dive into gardening.

  15. We love gardening at our house! The ethel gloves would be great when pulling out those pesky weeds!

  16. My mom and sister have beautiful gardens. I , on the other hand, did not inherit a green thumb. These gloves would be perfect for my mom or sis

  17. I completed your survey 🙂

  18. These gloves look nice. My hands are a mess and I need a pair!

  19. I took your survey

  20. I’d love a pair of gloves for the garden. One of the things I hate the most is when I go to pick a tomato and a huge black spider gets on my hands. For some reason, they seem to like the tomatoes. It might not be so bad if I had a pair of gloves on.

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