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For the PC User: Replica Back-Up by Seagate

I waited too long to back up my laptop.  In fact, I waited close to eight weeks, which is about seven weeks too long.

You see, I got overwhelmed with taking care of my son, launching a new business, and running a blog.  I was sleep deprived and working until utter exhaustion every night. {It’s not quite “my dog ate my homework,” but it’s the absolute truth!}

Somehow, the difficulty involved in backing up each document that I’d updated that week month was far more than my brain could handle.  Besides, my current back-up drive  was already fairly maxed out on space.  It’s not like I could just back up “My Documents;” I had to be selective, which was tedious and time-consuming.

So, what happened next is quite predictable.  Actually, I was in the process of turning on my laptop and plugging in my back-up drive to do what I’d procrastinated for so long.

And then, I got the blue screen of death.  I never want to have to write another post like that, again.  It was dreadful not knowing whether I could recover photos of my son.

Photos like this one taken over the summer…

It’s true that it takes a data loss in order for you to get paranoid about backing things up and avoiding that costly mistake again in the future.


This story does have a happy ending.


I was able to get my data recovered from my hard drive that had somehow become unseated within a certain corrupted sector–whatever that means.  It was expensive.  PAINfully expensive.  But, I needed photos of my sweet son, those marketing brochures I had created from scratch, and 6 weeks worth of electronic patient files that I did not want to re-create.  Ugh.

Funny thing is, once the data recovery company retrieved the data, they sent it to me on a Seagate hard drive.

My retrieved data arrived the week after I received a Seagate Replica for review.


It took 2 minutes to install and register the Replica’s software so that it was ready-to-use.  If you can avoid using your computer during the initial back-up, it may take only 3 hours.  This complete back-up system backs up everythang, including the operating system, programs, and settings.  Oh. YEAH.


The Replica automatically removes the oldest backed-up versions of files to free up space for newer versions.  How clever!

The single greatest benefit of the Replica is that you can leave it plugged into your PC, and it will automatically back-up any newly updated files.  It’s got a great memory, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting what to back-up.

Ta-da!  Back-ups are completed automatically.  How’s that for effortless and extremely valuable?

If you take your laptop with you to the local java house to hammer out a post or a chapter of that book that you’re writing, never fear.  Just plug in the Replica when you get home, and it’ll back up everything in a jiffy.


It’s slim and petite.  5 1/2″ wide, 4″ deep, and 3/4″ tall, it doesn’t take up much room.  It weighs just over a half-pound.


Weighing in at 250 GB, I won’t be running out of room anytime soon.  I can keep photos, videos, and tons of other files on there for years to come.  Now, I wish I had one of these 4 months ago.  That would have been great.

*The multi-PC version of the Replica ($179.99) has 500 GB of storage space, and a storage dock.

Perfect Gift

Do you know of a blogger, parent who loves to store digital photos of her children, or someone who’s particularly engrossed on working on a PC?  The Seagate Replica ($129.99) would make a great gift.  You could help someone prevent a considerably expensive and mournful data loss with a simple and easy solution.

Note: The Replica requires Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service pack 2 or higher) OR Windows Vista®.


One winner  will receive a Seagate Replica for Single PC , (retail value $129.99).  Stay in-the-know and become a Seagate Fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

To enter, leave a comment relevant to this post prior to Saturday, November 28th at 11:59 p.m.  Please follow the contest rules and avoid any generalized comments, or you will be disqualified.

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: complete a quick 10-question reader demographic survey. Then, leave a second comment telling me that you did.

FOR A THIRD ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about the Holiday Gift Guide (or about this giveaway), then leave a second comment telling me that you tweeted or blogged with a link to your tweet/post.

Two Seagate Single-PC Replicas were provided for the purpose of this review, one for me to use, and one for me to give away.  Read Traveling with Baby’s complete disclosure policy.

Subscribe // Twitter me: drdolly

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner, #19 Mike.

37 Responses

  1. I am a mac but my husband is a PC. His little PC is one foot in the grave and we really need to back up his hard drive before it officially passes! This would make a perfect gift for him.

  2. took your demographic survey

  3. Tweeted this give away

  4. Got a better product for you its called Carbonite and its cheaper. According to Wallstreet Journal Carbonite and Mozie (think that’s how you spell it) are the best.

  5. I’d love to win this for my wife (a PC user). She has tons of photos of our son, and music for our son, and she could really use a backup drive.

  6. Wow! This would be great! Our 4 year old Dell is about to the end of it’s useful life and it would be wonderful to be able to back it up.

  7. I can’t tell you how many CDs and DVDs I’d forced my husband to burn for back-up storage of documents, photos, etc. The problem is we never remember which one is most current. A device like this could save us all the extra hassle.

  8. I answered your survey questions.

  9. I follow Seagate on twitter annedoggett

  10. This would be great, since we don’t have the best back-up system (basically none!)

  11. I have to tell you, I’m so glad that these are around…it crosses over so many tech barriers as far as saving materials.

  12. With all my client files on my hard drive, a Replica would be a life saver for me!

  13. So funny, I had the same scary experience a week ago, blue screen of death, computer wouldn’t open windows thought all of Jack’s photos were gone… Luckily Greg managed to get it to open and I backed up first thing but it took quite a while and portable HD is running out of space. The seagate sounds like a great solution.

  14. I would love to have something that would easily replicate my hard drive, thanks for the giveaway

  15. Just completed the survey

  16. My wife is notorious for not backing up all of our kid photos and videos on her computer, this would be incredibly useful. Thanks!

  17. Even though I worked in IT for years and was always doing back-ups at work, I am extremely guily of not doing this at home. I plan on it, but …..

    I probably should get an external drive again and just do the darn back-up.

  18. I took your demographic survey

  19. Having made the mistake of not backing up my computer and losing everything before, this would be a VERY useful product to have!

  20. Oh my goodness I don’t know what I’d do if I lost precious photos of my baby! Right now I’m saving them to CD’s so this would be so much easier!

  21. I completed your survey

  22. I back up my stuff to an online service now. This seems soooo much easier!

  23. I did your demo survey!

  24. I could use this-I don’t have anything to back up for my digital photos

  25. I took your demographic survey

  26. Oh it would be so awful to loose all of my photos of the girls. I haven’t gotten any printed so they are all on my computer and some might still be on my camera’s memory card. I think I better do some backing up.

  27. I have had my hard drive crash before… I was so scared that I lost all of my pictures, but luckily, I had a friend who backed everything up on his external hard-drive just weeks prior. Ever since then, I have told myself I have needed to get some sort of storage for my desktop computer. This would be perfect! Thanks for thinking of such a great giveaway!

  28. I participated in your 10 question survey

  29. The thought of losing all the pictures and information on my computer… well, it makes me feel a little sick. What’s worse is that my computer is fairly flaky and could definitely just stop working at any time and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise… which means I need to back things up even more! I really need something like this!

  30. I took your survey!

  31. I love that it has automatic back up. As much as I try to remember to back up – well, let’s just say, I love that it has automatic back up. Seagate has an excellent reputation, also.

    I lost videos of my daughter and even though I was willing to pay that yes, I agree, painful price, they couldn’t be recovered. Lost forever. Ugh!

    Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  32. I took the survey!

  33. I tweeted about the Holiday Gift Guide here http://twitter.com/janetmom2maya/status/6161100838

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