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Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Playing with dough

playdough3 editCalvin had so much fun creating with play dough at Explorations Play Studio, that I was inspired to create some at home.

You can make your own play dough at home.  While you’re prepping a Thanksgiving meal, your toddler can “cook” with play dough.

I like this play dough recipe from Savvyhomemade.  I used different essential oils for each food coloring hue of dough.

Truly, you don’t need to make more than one color, but I just got excited about it.  After a few minutes, three colors of play dough became a solid greenish-blue.

After keeping the dough in an air-tight container, it becomes more sticky.  So, I just add more flour and knead it again.  You can keep it for a couple of weeks in the fridge for hours of fun.

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One Response

  1. He has gotten so big. I can hardly believe it. Missing you tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!


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