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Homemade Gifts for Christmas

I’m finishing up gifts for my nieces and nephews…many of these are homemade.  I haven’t embroidered anything since I was 11 years-old, but some how I got an urge to whip up some fabric creations from scratch.

I think I was inspired by all the beautiful creativity available on Etsy or cute shops like JasperHeartsWren who made my all-time favorite hoodie worn by Calvin.

I asked friends and family to use their fabric scraps.  I used embroidery floss, scraps of felt, unused spare buttons…and then, I let my imagination run wild.

Here’s what I made for one of my nieces (she’s only 8 months-old, so even though I posted this, I think she’ll still be surprised).

I also made a shirt for her brother with cowboy boot shapes I cut out of red “bandanna” fabric.

When I showed the two shirts to Calvin, I asked him what he thought.

Me: Do you like this shirt for your cousin? [when referring to the royal blue t-shirt with red bandanna cowboy boots].

Calvin: Nooo!

Me: Okay, how about this one? [referring to the flower shirt in the photo above]

Calvin: On, please [while he tried to pull it on].

It was a two-year-old’s feedback, but it WAS feedback.  So, I added a little more to the cowboy boot shirt…some extra embroidery to look like red and white swirls dancing forth from the boots with buttons on the top of the boots.

I’d show you a photo, but I mailed the darn thing to my nephew before I remembered to snap a photo.

End result, Calvin thought it was MUCH better, and he wanted to wear that one, too.

So, I have another plain blue shirt…and I want to make something sweet for Calvin, but I’m fresh out of creative ideas.  Although a turtle-shaped cookie cutter could definitely come in handy as a stencil!

YOUR TURN: Are you making homemade gifts for Christmas?  What’s your favorite homemade gift project?

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