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Food Groups

Sometimes children can be picky eaters.

It’s just a theory, but I think children tend to favor foods once they’ve had the opportunity to get exposed to them.  It might take two, five, or ten times until they like something new.  They’re not that different from adults who need to cultivate a palate for fine things like wine, cheese, and dark chocolate.

Aside from developing a child’s palate by repetitive re-introduction of new foods, I also think they have a heightened sense of what they’re bodies need (as well as keener sense of smell and taste buds).

More than at any point in his life, I think my son is acutely aware of what his body wants and when he wants it.

  • When he’s hungry…he’s hungry NOW!
  • When he needs to go to the potty, it needs to happen within 30 seconds, or else there will be a mess to clean up.
  • When he wants to sleep, the need is immediate.

The same principle of keen awareness of needs and wants applies to types of food.  I’ve read a couple of blood type diets and found some areas of great interest while I think there’s definitely some areas that aren’t backed up by research nor are they backed by long cultural histories of human diet and health.  However, there is something to be said for a blood type that craves a certain type of food.

To explore this further, I asked my son a few questions:

Me: Calvin, what’s your favorite thing to eat?  What’s your favorite food?

Calvin: Meat.  Meat and cheese.

Me: What’s your favorite fruit?

Calvin: Beef.  Beef and raisins.

Me: Ah. Interesting.  I didn’t know beef was a fruit.  Raisins, though…I’d agree that’s a pretty popular one with you.

Me: What’s your favorite thing to drink?  Milk? Juice? Water?

Calvin: (with a HUGE smile on his face) Mah. Milk. (His word for breastmilk).

There you have it. A two-year-old prefers the most perfect food on earth, breastmilk.  He loves meat (even if he doesn’t finish it from his plate at every meal).  And, he really prefers (asks for them several times a day) raisins.

Notice he didn’t say “cookies”, “macaroni”, or “soda”.  Of course, I don’t really consider those things to be in the same category as “food.”


What are your childrens’ favorite foods?  What were your favorites when you were a child?  Do you still prefer those same foods now?

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2 Responses

  1. my daughter equally loves raisins. i think her favorite things are red meat, bell peppers, and cheese. she also loves milk (she really only drinks milk and water). when i was a kid, my favorites were mac and cheese and spaghetti and pizza. pretty much the same now, but i don’t really like mac and cheese that much and i like to add veggies to pasta with red sauce. i still have a HUGE weakness for pizza!

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