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    Chiropractor Mama Dr. Dolly and professional photographer Elisa B. share about adventures in intentional and natural parenting while living in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge.
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Fast Forward

Wasn’t it just last week that you refused to kick a ball…you had to hold it or throw it with your hands.  Today, you’re practically dribbling a soccer ball.

[Pressing the pause button]. Time is whizzing by me, and I’m not quite ready for it.

The last time we went to the playground, you were scared of the big kid swings–all you knew were those bucket swings.  But today, you held on with both hands and practically leaped off the swing while in motion.

When did you learn how to do that?  When did you turn into a little boy?

A few months ago, you wouldn’t dare set foot on the playground terrace without me holding your hand.  Now, you run from me as if it’s the most refreshing game of tag.  You’re all on your own on the playground, kid.

[Pause] Why isn’t this pause button working?

You’re growing into the most incredible little boy.  Of course, when I ask you if you’re a big boy or a baby, your response varies based on what’s in it for you…smart kid.

I hope that you’ll still want to hug me tight, sprinkle my face with kisses, and hold my hand for many years to come.

Please, don’t grow up too quickly…my heart yearns to savor every fleeting moment.

With all my love,


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  1. I know how you feel!

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