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WellBEing Weekends: Prevent Cold & Flu

Welcome to a weekly series on Traveling with Baby, wellBEing weekends, formerly known as  Health Happy Round-Up.

Each weekend (Friday – Sunday), wellBEing weekends will feature health-related news, recipes, and fresh tips on wholesome health for your family’s well BE-ing.


I keep hearing about people in our city who have the flu…not something I want to experience first-hand.  It’s January, and winter cold and flu season isn’t over yet.

So, this weekend, I’m going to share a re-cap of some great posts on cold and flu prevention and provide a few more fresh ideas on how you can stay healthy and flu-free.

Wont you join me?

  1. Wash your hands (and your kids’ hands) frequently.  Hand-washing can tend to lead to raw and chapped skin, so I’d recommend a soothing and protective barrier of good ol’ coconut oil or a coconut oil based lotion stick.  My personal fave is the coconut & lime lotion stick by Bubble & Bee Organic.
  2. Gargle with warm salt water 1-2 times per day. Salt water will prevent bacterial growth and soothe a burning throat caused by sinus drainage.
  3. Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants and supplement with Vitamin C (with rose hips), 2000 I.U. of Vitamin D (liquid drops), and zinc. Anti-oxidants pair with free radicals or unpaired electrons that go ballistic in your body trying to pair the unstable energy of an electron.  The free radicals lead to cell damage in every area of your body.  This process beats you up even more when your body’s immunity is fighting off a virus.  So, give yourself a helping hand and take in anti-oxidants to pair-up with those tortuous free radicals.
  4. Drink nutritious and healthy warm liquids. The body responds better to liquids closer to your internal body temperature than to icy or cold liquids.  Caffeine is an inflammatory stimulant that decreases the size of veins and arteries throughout the body, preventing antioxidants and blood from carrying nutrition to the cells.  Avoid caffeine, ice, and sugary beverages.  Instead, stick with lemon water, ginger tea, green tea, white tea, and anti-oxidant rich juices (pomegranate, cherry, blueberry) or coconut water.  Good old fashioned chicken soup is also wonderful to stay healthy and to keep your body fueled well.
  5. Get enough rest so your body can heal and repair. Tough to do this when you’re pregnant or taking care of small children.  However, it’s far better to go to bed earlier during cold and flu season in order to avoid getting sick than to catch a cold and wish all you could do was rest.  Get 7-8 hours regularly…your body will thank you.
  6. Visit your chiropractor for regular check-ups. Most people wait until they’re miserable with a cold or flu before they take action.  Some just go straight to the drug counter to self-medicate or just ride it out.  When you’re spine is properly aligned, your nervous system and immune system can function to their highest level of ability and fight off disease.

For the rare times that my family gets sick, chiropractic treatment is the first thing we do followed by the other steps mentioned above. . . and we tend to get back on our feet within a few days (as opposed to the average American with cold or flu who takes weeks to bounce back).  At the very least (and truly, there are far greater benefits), chiropractic care is wonderful for achy backs and muscles and for helping to relieve congested sinuses.

For case studies on chiropractic and sinus infections, keep reading this compilation from the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association.

For more cold & flu prevention reading, check out these other great posts:

Feverishly good – tips on determining a safe fever range for small children, and when you should call the doctor.

Conquering croup naturally – If you’ve ever heard your baby’s dreaded bark-like cough in the middle of the night, you know it’s a very scary sound.  Learn how to help a little one with the croup and avoid unnecessary and expensive trips to the E.R.

Natural cold care during pregnancy is as easy as visiting your local health foods store and chiropractor.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite cold and flu prevention techniques?  What do you do to nurture yourself or your kids back to health if you do catch a cold or flu?

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*I was not endorsed for any products mentioned in this post.  I used my hard-earned income to purchase them, and I love them!

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